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What’s New: Residential Technology

NuVision's 23in., 26in., 32in., and 37in. Deep Black LCD displays feature the NuVision Deep Black LCD modules, 1366768 resolution, 1000:1 contrast

What’s New:
Residential Technology

Oct 1, 2006 12:00 PM,
By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Massey, and Charissa Young


NuVision‘s 23in., 26in., 32in., and 37in. Deep Black LCD displays feature the NuVision Deep Black LCD modules, 1366×768 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and less than 8ms response time. All models also feature the clean, unostentatious NuVision design, which includes rubberized paint on the cabinet’s back and the remote control. The 2006 line also features improved noise reduction and NiDO video processing with better detail resolution; enhanced color processing, including flesh-tone correction; improved, easy-to-navigate onscreen display graphics; overscan and picture position adjustments; custom input labeling; picture setting memory for each input; and enhanced PIP capability, including the ability to select HD inputs. All models are Crestron certified and offer HDMI input with HDCP copy protection capable of accepting all signals, including 1080p; two multi-scan component and S-Video/composite inputs; and NuControl (bidirectional RS-232 using a D-sub interface).
▪ NuVision |


OmniMount Systems’ Tria three-shelf wall furniture system raises the flatpanel and electronics up off the floor while using an integrated cable management system in an aesthetically pleasing package. The system comes with three adjustable and/orremovable tempered glass shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 30lbs. Wall stud and masonry mounting hardware is included to secure the system to the wall. The Tria comes with a two-year warranty.
▪ OmniMount |


Crestron‘s APAD bidirectional wall-mounted room controller, available as a plug-and-play device in an Adagio-packaged solution, features four backlit, white translucent soft-buttons; a NavWheel; and a 128×64 dot-matrix LCD display. This two-way active keypad controller provides full room control and realtime active feedback display of all devices, including media servers and iPods. The LCD screen displays metadata such as podcasts and video titles and allows users to scroll through menu screens and select sources and content, volume levels, and room temperature, as well as monitor device status.
▪ Crestron |


Lutron‘s AuroRa, an RF-based lighting control system styled like a traditional toggle switch, creates a safe path of light into and throughout the home. The system is now available in an easy-to-install package containing five dimmers, one master control, one wireless controller, and one central antenna. Each master control button controls a single dimmer, while the master control’s All On and All Off buttons control all five dimmers at once. The wireless controller turns lights on and off from the car, providing safe entry into a dark house.
▪ Lutron |


Stealth Acoustics’ Model A3 is a three-way, full-range speaker using a rigid frame that fits into a standard 3.5in.-deep stud wall and attaches directly to standard structural framing without the need for special mounting brackets. The paintable, active diaphragm radiating surface is a structurally modified three-layer composite consisting of two layers of graphics-grade paper with a modified foam core, suitable for receiving most standard wall or ceiling finishes including latex paint, light texture, or wallpaper.
▪ Stealth Acoustics


Stealth Acoustics’ Model 255R rackmountable, mono-subwoofer power amplifier can be installed in a standard 19in. rack or stacked with other non-rackmounted stereo equipment. The amplifier features removable rack mounts, variable low-pass filter, auto on/standby function, high-level inputs and outputs with 110V and 220V inputs, and line-level and balanced line inputs and outputs, as well as an LED output monitor. An eight-speed fan cools the unit.
▪ Stealth Acoustics


Stealth Acoustics’ Model B1630 in-wall subwoofer system provides invisible low-end sound. The B1630 contains two 16″×30″ flush-mounted panels that mount directly to the structural framing of the wall. It uses two conventional 8in. woofers mounted on a baffle board built of 1in.-thick MDF, which acts as the backbone of the system. The baffle board is bonded to one side of the mounting frame with the radiating flatpanel mounted to the opposite side, creating an airtight chamber. The woofers fire into this chamber, activating the entire face of the panel with the exception of the 1 3/4in. compliance border.
▪ Stealth Acoustics


Audio Design Associates’ HDM-1 HD radio tuner can be used as a single-module black-box chassis (TSS-1) with its family of tuners and multi-room receivers or as a standalone unit. The tuner is also an option for ADA’s Suite 8100 multi-room receiver and HTR-2400 home theater AV receiver. The unit is ideally matched with the company’s Suite 16 and Suite 8×8 multi-room systems.
▪ Audio Design Associates


ProjectionDesign‘s Action model three 1080 single-chip DLP projector delivers 1080 native high-definition (1920×1080p) resolution — film-like image quality. The projector incorporates ProjectionDesign’s patented DuArch illumination architecture, which features dual lamps and dual seven-segment color wheels and light formatters to deliver user-adjustable onscreen brightness from 500 to 2500 ANSI lumens. The projector uses Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology, increasing secondary color influence and improving color saturation. It is built to operate continuously in home cinemas and includes options for adjusting the image to specific applications.
▪ ProjectionDesign


Audio Design Associates’ Omega CB AV distribution system is capable of routing 32 high-definition video sources and 64 digital audio sources to up to 106 independent zones. Each zone is capable of receiving a 7.1-channel surround sound signal. Multichannel music can include Dolby, DTS, THX Ultra2, and upconversion of 2-channel CDs to multichannel sound. Either stereo speaker pairs or full 7.1 surround sound speaker arrays can wire to the mainframe via simple speaker wire, where they connect to centrally located Omega CB Zone controllers.
▪ Audio Design Associates


Recently named an Electronic House Product of the Year for 2006, StereoStone‘s Tree Stump speaker provides an alternative outdoor speaker system that complements various landscapes. The weatherproof 15in.-high speaker is available as a 125W two-way 8in./8Ω speaker, a 250W 8in./8Ω subwoofer, or a 125W dual-voice coil 8in. stereo speaker. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.
▪ StereoStone |


Hall Research Technologies’ VHD-HDMI video-to-HDMI converter with audio is used to connect the VGA video signal from a PC or the YpbPr signal from a DVD player or similar device to the HDMI input of a plasma or LCD screen. The unit features a switch for input format selection (PC-RGB or component-YpbPr), supports up to 1600×1200 at 60Hz VGA input or up to 1080p input, includes Universal Switching power supply, VGA to 3 RCA cable, and a 3.5mm mini-stereo phone jack-to-2 RCA cable adapter.
▪ Hall Research Technologies


ProjectionDesign‘s Action model two offers high-performance HDTV in a small footprint. This projector uses Texas Instruments’ single-chip HD2+ DC3 DLP technology, all-glass optics, UniBoard electronic architecture, magnesium chassis, and high-end video processing. ProjectionDesign also added RealColor image management and easy in-field projector calibration and setup.
▪ ProjectionDesign


Elan‘s Olé film interactive touchpad offers a large all-touch surface in a double-gang in-wall product. The unit comes with Via Tools programming. Olé delivers more than 1,500 unique design possibilities upon initial rollout. Backlit slide-in films can be custom-matched to seven frame colors, which are available in both U.S. and European styling. The touchpad also features a 1in., 65,000-color, graphical OLED display, which continuously guides and informs the user as to the source and system status through realtime feedback.
▪ Elan Home Systems


Screen Research‘s TheaterCurve Xmask Ultimate is a fixed curved screen with a four-way masking system. The screen features four independent masks, which form a perfect black border to the picture regardless of the picture format (1.33 to 2.70) or the projection format. Available in 2.35:1 or 16:9 native format, it can be used both with the projection in 16:9, or in 2.35:1 with an anamorphic lens.
▪ Screen Research


Vutec‘s ArtScreen SoundScape 360 incorporates a hardwood frame and retractable screen with a digital art-on-canvas print to create a masking system for plasma and LCD televisions and video projection screens. When the artwork is retracted, the screen is visible for projection or television viewing within the frame. Vutec also offers an option for recessing the video display into the wall, keeping only the framed SoundScape 360 at the wall surface. SoundScape 360 is available in standard display sizes for plasma and LCD televisions from 32in. and up, or 110in. for front-projection screens. Custom sizes can also be accommodated.
▪ Vutec |


Peerless Industries’ EEO model outdoor flatpanel environmental enclosures for 32in., 40in, 42in., and 50in. LCD and plasma screens are equipped with a dual-filter fan system that helps keep the screen operating at the proper working temperature and can help keep it free of dust and dirt. The optional thermostat-controlled heating and AC cooling units maintain proper screen operating conditions, and available anti-reflective glass provides glare-free viewing. The screen is fully protected within the enclosure to deter theft, accidental damage, or vandalism, and eliminates the need for seasonal screen removal, storage space, and possible screen damage during the removal process.
▪ Peerless Industries


Audio Design Associates’ iHome multi-center music server is a two-zone (analog and digital audio) iTunes-based music server that can also play back Apple AAC DRM files. A third zone outputs digital SPDIF and hi-def video, operating as a media center PC. The server also functions as an IP control system, generating both full-size and mini-size Flash-based HTML pages that can be brought up on any browser capable of running Flash. It features dual hard drives (400GB) that operate in a RAID configuration.
▪ Audio Design Associates


Audio Design Associates’ Suite 8100 multi-room system is an eight-source, eight-zone system with a tuner. The system provides 16 channels of amplified sound. Tuner options (choice of one) are: standard AM/FM/WX (Weatherband) radio, XM Radio, Sirius Radio, or the new ADA HD AM/FM Radio tuner with WX band. The Suite 8100 is ideally matched with ADA’s family of keypads as well as the iHome multi-center and iBase/iBase extender.
▪ Audio Design Associates


Runco has introduced seven new single- and three-chip state-of-the-art 1080p native-resolution (1920×1080) DLP projectors for the home theater market. Each model offers Runco’s exclusive CineWide and/or CineWide with AutoScope technology as an option.
▪ Runco |


ZVOX‘s Mini is a small, single-cabinet audio system that delivers accurate sound from a 13″×9.5″×3.3″ console. Three full-range speakers are combined with PhaseCue circuitry to create a wide sound stage. The Mini includes a 4″×6″ subwoofer for deep bass and dual inputs to connect two devices to the system at once.


Elan‘s PlayRoom intelligent speaker selectors are IR-controllable and feature patent-pending Dynamic Power Distribution (DPD) circuitry. IR sensors in each room also allow for pass-through IR control of other stereo components. The selectors feature easily configured dipswitches that allow users to define the impedance of the speakers connected to them and the impedance rating of the receiver or amplifier being used. The DPD circuitry then detects the number of speakers active at any given time and dynamically adjusts the impedance settings as users turn the volume up or down. This ensures that all speakers receive maximum power at all times, and that the receiver/amplifier is never operating below its nominal impedance rating.
▪ Elan Home Systems


OmniMount‘s new Moda wall furniture system provides a solution to those who require ample and adaptable cable management for their new flatpanel-based home theater system, where connected components and available power sources are not easily manageable. The affordable system features ease of installation, including a custom installation template; 8in. and/or 16in. Blanks for hidden cable management in any length wall; two shelf sizes (12in. and 18in.) to integrate different connected center channel and component dimensions; and a real wood veneer finish.
▪ OmniMount |

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