What's New: Residential Technology

The Sunfire CRM-2BIP on-wall bi-pole surround sound loudspeaker features the same advanced ribbon technology as other Cinema Ribbon models, but its low-profile cabinet—measuring 3 5/8in.
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What's New: Residential Technology

Feb 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

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The Sunfire CRM-2BIP on-wall bi-pole surround sound loudspeaker features the same advanced ribbon technology as other Cinema Ribbon models, but its low-profile cabinet—measuring 3 5/8in.—is slim and unobtrusive. The dual side-firing ribbon configuration creates wide dispersion for a huge rear sound stage. Complementing the ribbon driver is a compact 4.5in. high back-EMF woofer, which allows for a small form factor with very high output. The CRM-2BIP handles 400W of power, necessary for today’s demanding movie soundtracks and high-powered multichannel amplifiers. .
▪ Sunfire www.sunfire.com


Screen Research has upgraded its LeWing luxury projection-screen line by offering custom JBL loudspeaker configuration options for an integrated AV home-cinema solution. LeWing pairs a fully retractable, acoustically transparent screen with a control-independent, high-performance loudspeaker system. There are four custom loudspeaker options: an entry-level option (LWI), two step-up options (LWII and LWIII), and a fourth option (LWIV) integrating the JBL Project Array component — optimized to bring a professional-venue-style loudspeaker system to the home.
▪ Screen Research www.screenresearch.com


The Universal Remote Control MX-810 provides dedicated, custom control and simplifies the operation of single-room home theaters and entertainment systems. It is ideal for homes with multiple AV systems and more than one remote, as each MX-810 remains dedicated to a single room's equipment, complete with a user-changeable label identifying the room. It features RF addressability, which eliminates the need to point the remote at whatever it is activating, and programming that allows custom installers to fully personalize the screen's iconography.
▪ Universal Remote Control www.universalremote.com

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Da-Lite has made the Silent Motor a standard feature on its line of Tensioned Advantage Electrol screens. This motor is virtually silent and offers a more-than-30-percent reduction in sound versus standard motors. The Tensioned Advantage Electrol is an aluminum-cased screen with a trim flange designed for a concealed, in-the-ceiling installation. The finished white case provides a clean look and allows easy installation within ceiling tiles. The Silent Motor is standard on all screen sizes up to 9'×12'. The Silent Motor with built-in low-voltage control option is also available.
▪ Da-Lite Screen Company www.da-lite.com


The new Via 4.0-EM 4in. color in-wall universal touchpanel from Elan allows for fingertip control of all audio, video, lighting, temperature, and security systems. The touchpanel also features realtime video monitoring, customizable layouts, room-matching screen motifs and wall frames, and ease of programming. Its compact size allows it to be installed just about anywhere in the home. The Via 4.0-EM is compatible with all Elan multiroom controllers, and it features newly added ports for local RJ-45, power, and IR/Sense located on the back.
▪ Elan Home Systems www.elanhomesystems.com




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