What's New: Residential Technology

Cables Genesis Cable Systems, LLC www.genesiscable.com A new line of component video RGB cables is designed to maximize the performance characteristics
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Cables Genesis Cable Systems, LLC www.genesiscable.com A new line of component video RGB cables is designed to maximize the performance characteristics

What's New: Residential Technology

Mar 1, 2004 12:00 PM


Genesis Cable Systems, LLC www.genesiscable.com

A new line of component video RGB cables is designed to maximize the performance characteristics of high-end video systems, such as HDTV, DVD players, projectors, satellite receivers, home theater, and plasma displays. Tested to 1 GHz, the cables are offered in two designs: the Type 5019 mini-RGB cable consists of three miniature RG-59 coaxial cables, and the Type 5029 mini-RGB cable consists of five miniature RG-59 coaxial cables. Both are UL listed for in-wall installation. The miniature RG-59 coaxial cable design features a 24 AWG bare-copper conductor for high-frequency control, along with direct gas-injected foam to ensure maximum signal strength.

Home Theater

InterVideo www.intervideo.com

The Home Theater is a complete digital entertainment solution for watching and recording TV programs, viewing DVDs/VCDs, personal music libraries, and photo slide shows. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, you can enjoy these capabilities on your living-room PC or TV using a PC or notebook. With the remote control that is also included, consumers can easily control Home Theater features from their couch. Completely hardware independent, the Home Theater can be used with Windows 2000 and XP systems.

Device Control

Personica Intelligence www.personica.com

The Personica Intelligence (PI) platform is a toolkit that can be used by consumer electronics companies and broadband service providers to offer consumers unified, intuitive, and instantaneous control of consumer electronics and Internet services from anywhere in their homes. The PI platform enables new intelligent assistants called personicas that combine natural interfaces with lifelike personas to control consumer electronics devices and access Internet information without having to get up or touch anything. These personicas keep track of consumers' preferences and make it easy for them to use their voices to make calls, change channels on the TV, turn on the lights, set alarms and reminders, select from movies and music, send voice mails and instant messages, and retrieve Internet information such as weather, traffic, stock quotes, sports scores, and recipes on-demand. The PI platform provides a mix of natural speech recognition, visual display, and tactile input to allow the creation of a variety of different personicas.


Paradigm Electronics www.paradigm.com

The Cinema 70 HTiB home theater in a box's five satellites deliver a reality to 5.1 home-theater sound, and the Cinema sub adds impact. The 5.1 system is discrete in size and easy to install. The satellites feature ⅝-inch CPC coated-polymer-composite domes and 3½-inch MPC mineral-filled copolymer polypropylene cones. The Cinema sub has an 8-inch carbon-fiber-reinforced driver with an amp that delivers 90W RMS/270W peak power.

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Jamo www.jamo.com

The D 4 woofers' wood-fiber cones make them light and fast and prevent sonic breakup. The cone is made out of uneven fibers with different resonance frequencies, preventing each other from vibrating. The resulting rigid cone ensures well-controlled breakup modes that provide low distortions throughout, as well as an open and detailed midrange for optimal voice reproduction. The models in the D 4 series are the D 400 bookshelf/wallmounted as front, center, or satellite speaker with a compact design; the D 430 bookshelf/mounted on stands as front speaker; the D 450 floor-standing front speaker; the D 4 CEN bookshelf/wallmounted, dedicated center speaker; and the D 4SUB floor-standing down-firing subwoofer.

Control Unit

Lutron Electronics www.lutron.com

The Satin Colors collection has expanded to include the Grafik Eye series of multiscene preset lighting controls, including wallmounted control units and seeTouch-style keypads. The Satin Colors collection offers interior designers, lighting professionals, and homeowners a new realm of decorative possibilities. Grafik Eye control units enhance the overall appearance of a room by blending or contrasting with furniture, carpets, wall coverings, and other decorative elements. Grafik Eye transforms a room into a number of preprogrammed lighting scenes, allowing you to create different moods and adjust the lighting for various activities at the touch of a button.



What's New: Residential Technology

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