What's New: Residential Technology

Power Conditioner Panamaxwww.panamax.com The Max 5410 Pro (model No. M5410) features an RS-232 interface for home automation system compatibility, as
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Power Conditioner Panamaxwww.panamax.com The Max 5410 Pro (model No. M5410) features an RS-232 interface for home automation system compatibility, as

What's New: Residential Technology

Apr 1, 2004 12:00 PM

Power Conditioner


The Max 5410 Pro (model No. M5410) features an RS-232 interface for home automation system compatibility, as well as a lineup of new application-driven features. The Max 5410 is designed to distribute clean power to systems in an automated home. Its RS-232 interface controls the power state of connected equipment and allows for programming power cycles on components such as satellite receivers, which may lock up after downloading software updates. A 12V-in trigger, combined with time-delay AC outlet capability, controls startup and shutdown of amplifiers and avoids damage to partner components, like speakers.



The TX-NR801 is a 7-channel, 100W THX Select audio/video receiver with all major home-theater surround-sound processing formats, as well as Net-Tune distributed audio technology for the seamless integration of high-quality audio with a home computer network. Other features include 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs, HDTV-capable component video switching, and Powered Zone 2 capability. Net-Tune capability uses a standard TCP/IP Ethernet connection to unite the receiver with MP3 and Windows Media Audio files stored on a home PC or to access Internet radio streams through a networked broadband Internet connection. This system also allows for as many as 11 other Net-Tune clients to connect to the same network, all delivering simultaneous and independent access to music stored on a central PC.

Wiring Channels

WireTracks LLC

Wiring channels are designed to enable home owners to upgrade their wiring in new and existing homes without damaging the walls. When installed in a new home, they provide the ability to route new wiring from a central wiring closet to any location within any room of the house, after the home is built. Wiring channels are installed in plane with drywall and a wiring channel cover. After you attach standard baseboard molding to the wiring channel cover, they become an integrated unit.



Genelec's line of home-theater products has added new finishes. The HT206B, HT208B, and HT210B are now available in the following finishes: gloss black, natural birch, and dark cherry. The HT205 is also now available in white, black, and silver. The original producer black finish remains the standard color for all HT models.

Control Unit

CorAccess Systems

The Amego Companion is the latest in a suite of Companion in-home, all-digital touch controllers to expose simple-to-use and simple-to-install home and audio management as well as dedicated home-theater control on a full-featured, ergonomic, and elegant platform. The Amego handheld with industrial design by Kapushion Design leverages the Intel Xscale 400 Mhz processor, empowering you with an optimal Wi-Fi control solution running the Macromedia Flash-based suite of Companion home management software. Home owners can change the CD, change the room the CD is playing in, browse their stocks, and control home functions on various systems. The Amego is also a platform for theater control with instant-on/movement-on wake-up as well as a long battery life at more than eight hours of full use and weeks of standby.


Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

The HC3 home-cinema ColorView projector is a true 16:9 projector designed exclusively for home theater and other applications requiring wide-screen display format. The HC3 offers 960-by-540 resolution and 1200 ANSI lumens of brightness in a small package that is easy to set up anywhere in the home.



The DTR-7.4 and DTR-8.4 THX Select — certified 7.1-channel network A/V receivers deliver 7-by-100W and 7-by-110W of power, respectively. Each features processing for every major home-theater sound format in use, upsampling of all video inputs to component video, HDTV-capable component video switching, an infrared/radio frequency (IF/RF) remote control and optional RF receiver, and a suite of distributed audio options, including the company's exclusive Net-Tune Ethernet audio and Powered Zone 2 capabilities. The DTR-7.4 and DTR-8.4 include rear-panel RS-232 ports, 12V trigger outputs, and 3.5 mm IR in and out jacks for integration with nearly any home-theater equipment and whole-home control systems. Each features conversion of both composite and S-video signals to component video, which simplifies connection to a TV or projector, eliminating the need for redundant multiple video connections.



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