What's New: Residential Technology

What's new in the residential technology industry from such companies as Krell Industries, Cirrus Logic, Kaleidescape, ADS Technologies, and Rotel of America.
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What's New: Residential Technology

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM


Krell Industries

The Resolution 4 and Resolution C2 speakers feature the same drivers and cabinet construction as the rest of the Resolution series but in a smaller profile to accommodate a wider variety of listening environments. The Resolution 4 was designed with today's flat-panel displays in mind. The Resolution 4 is a surround speaker that can be discreetly flushmounted on the wall to provide realistic surround-sound effects. At 24in. wide and 40lbs., the Resolution C2 offers a smaller footprint than the Resolution Center but does not sacrifice performance for the sake of ergonomics. Featuring two 6.5in. midrange drivers and a 1in. tweeter of the same design as the Resolution C, the Resolution C2 complements all speakers in the Resolution series lineup.


Cirrus Logic

The Intelligent Room Calibration (IRC) advanced software enables consumers to quickly and easily attune their living-room acoustics with their home theater or stereo system. The IRC software, which is targeted toward mainstream AV receivers that typically sell for less than $1,000, allows consumers to replicate the rich acoustical environment of venues such as state-of-the-art movie theaters, concert halls, and jazz clubs — all within about one minute. The IRC technology includes two software algorithms: IRC Level 1 (speaker setup software) and IRC Level 2 (room equalization software). These algorithms are available as an option with Cirrus Logic's flagship audio DSPs, the CS49500 and CS49400.



The K2500 digital movie player can deliver DVD and HD movies in digital format from source to display without analog conversion. The K2500 connects through a switched Ethernet network to a server and provides a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) output to connect to AV processors and displays. Video processors and displays with DVI inputs and high-bandwidth digital content protection can be connected using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter. The K2500 also provides high-quality analog YPbPr component outputs driven by 10-bit DACs with HD smoothing and filtering for video processors and displays that do not support digital inputs.


ADS Technologies

The Media-Link digital entertainment receiver has been enhanced with a wireless G (802.11G) card. The Media-Link can now be used with a wired Ethernet network or the higher-speed 802.11G wireless to deliver digital entertainment from a PC and the Internet to any TV or stereo in the home or office. Controlled by a single remote, the device is housed in a new sleek designer case that can be wallmounted. The Media-Link allows consumers and businesses to access PC-stored TV shows, movies, and photos on any connected TV.


Rotel of America

The RX-1052 combines audiophile-grade stereo sonics with basic video-switching features. The RX-1052 delivers 100W stereo through two sets of four-way speaker outputs for selectable speakers A and B. It also incorporates no less than three sets of zone outputs, each routing independently source-selectable and volume-controlled stereo line-level audio and composite video. With a suitable multi-channel amplifier, the RX-1052 can furnish as many as four remotely located rooms or zones with dynamic and musically accurate stereo sound and basic video.




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