What's New: Residential Technology

Media Center System Alienware www.alienware.com Equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, the DHS 2 series was created to replace nearly
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What's New: Residential Technology

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Media Center System


Equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, the DHS 2 series was created to replace nearly every home entertainment device. The DHS 2 series delivers the options and features of a DVD player and recorder, a CD player and recorder, a DVR, an FM tuner, a CD jukebox, and a high-performance PC. In addition, all of the content from the DHS 2 series can be shared with other TVs in the home through the use of Microsoft's Media Center Extender devices. The DHS 2 series can be customized with as much as 4GB of low-latency DDR 400 SDRAM and up to 250GB of storage packed in a low-profile, VCR-size design that seamlessly integrates into any home entertainment area.



The Genesis Crystal series of high-end audio cables is designed to allow home-theater enthusiasts to experience the full potential of their electronic components. The Genesis Crystal series audio cables feature a high-strand-count, oxygen-free bare copper center conductor that provides the expanded pure transmission surface needed for enhanced clarity, depth, and precision. The distinct jacket and insulation design of the Crystal series is flexible and durable, which translates into greater reliability. It also means Crystal series cables are fast and easy for the contractor to install.



The Radia R-18i and R-17i are on-wall speakers with planar ribbon high-frequency drivers that can be used for a variety of AV applications, including home theater and multi-room audio. The R-18i is a two-way on-wall design with 4in. woofer and Neo8PDR wideband planar ribbon high-frequency driver that delivers wide horizontal dispersion. A versatile solution for multi-room audio, the R-18i is for surround sound in high-quality home-theater systems. Like its sibling, the R-17i is an on-wall application loudspeaker featuring the patented planar ribbon high-frequency driver. The R-17i is a two-way design with twin 4in. woofers, two 4in. passive radiators, and a fixed Neo3PDR ribbon tweeter. With its wide horizontal dispersion and flexible placement, it is for LCR applications in home theater and flat on-wall TVs.

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WNCompaDigimerge Technologies

The model DGRT400 dial-up video transmitter offers a professional solution to video monitoring where high-speed Internet service or an on-site computer is not desirable. The DGRT400 features four BNC camera inputs, wavelet compression, full duplex audio from a single source, display and PTZ camera control through remote PC, and 256KB memory storage with downloading to a remote PC or compact Flash memory card. The DGRT400 also features advanced video motion detection, with alarm-initiated video recording to a local or remote computer and programmable alarm notification to an FTP directory, telephone, or pager. The DGRT400 provides video monitoring of vacation properties, small retail stores, industrial facilities, and residential properties.

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The V2413 multiprotocol, PTZ data merger and code distributor accepts high-speed data line (HSDL), RS-232, or RS-485 from Infinova matrix switchers and controllers, as well as RS-232 or RS-485 from third-party devices such as DVRs. The V2413 functions as a data and protocol merger to eliminate issues of compatibility between equipment with different data and protocol outputs intended to control the same PTZ domes. The output code as Manchester or Infinova “I” RS-485 protocol can provide pan/tilt/zoom control for as many as 16 Infinova PTZ dome cameras.

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Kramer Electronics

The VS-8FW repeater/hub employs Spark-Guard Pro electrostatic discharge protection technology to protect all digital equipment connected to the VS-8FW. The VS-8FW is an eight-port DV/FireWire repeater/hub for any application in which additional FireWire ports are needed. Several hubs may be cascaded to create up to a 63-port FireWire system. The repeater/hub supports 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and 400Mbps transfer rates.www.kramerelectronics.com


Telex Communications

The line of SpinWise CD and DVD digital duplicators has been upgraded with high-speed connectivity and drive speeds. The SpinWise CD and DVD duplicators now offer USB 2 technology, allowing direct, high-speed connectivity with a PC. Now projects, files, graphics, movies, and data can be burned directly to a master disc within the tower.




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