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Velodyne's SPL-R (Small, Precise, Loud — Remote) series subwoofers are available in 8in., 10in., and 12in. versions with six-band; auto-EQ functionality powered by DSP technology; and a full-featured remote control with four listening presets for movies, R&B-rock, jazz-classical, and games. With one touch on the remote
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What's New:
Residential Technology

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM


Velodyne's SPL-R (Small, Precise, Loud — Remote) series subwoofers are available in 8in., 10in., and 12in. versions with six-band; auto-EQ functionality powered by DSP technology; and a full-featured remote control with four listening presets for movies, R&B-rock, jazz-classical, and games. With one touch on the remote, the SPL-R generates its own test tone, analyzes that tone via an included microphone, and automatically adjusts the internal EQ to provide the best bass performance in any room. The subwoofers are available in black gloss, medium cherry, and light maple finishes.
▪ Velodyne Acoustics www.velodyne.com


Crestron's iLux CLS-C6 integrated lighting system controls six lighting zones and six groups of shades to replace large numbers of wall-mounted switches and dimmers. The system centralizes the lighting, shade, and screen controls. Six front-panel, three-position rocker buttons control each zone and provide white-LED feedback. Corresponding seven-segment LED bargraphs offer easy visualization of lighting levels in each zone. Up to 15 scenes for lighting and shades may be pre-programmed for simple, intuitive client use. Fade time, ramp rate, scene recall, scene off, and master dim control are programmable. Up to seven units may be daisy-chained for extended device control.
▪ Crestron | www.crestron.com


Angstrom's Ambienti in-wall loudspeakers use new drivers with cones made from Vectran, a thermoplastic, multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer. Pound for pound, Vectran is five times stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than aluminum. The material gives the cones outstanding stiffness and high internal dampening and makes them very tight and moisture resistant. The speakers are tonally accurate, with virtually invisible grilles. They employ contour switches to allow for critical adjustments to the mid- and high-frequency ranges after wall mounting. An effective mounting system simplifies installation.
▪ Angstrom Loudspeakers www.angstromloudspeakers.com


Samsung's 72 series of plasma HDTVs was designed for high-end AV retailers and home installers. Models include the 42in. HP-R4272, the 50in. HP-R5072, and the 63in. HP-R6372. The HDTVs offer a gloss-black cosmetic design and convenient side audio/video input jacks. They include 10 speakers with removable speaker grilles to display the inside of the speaker. Additionally, all models feature Samsung's “bezel-less” design and provide 549 billion displayable colors. Other features include a DNIe image enhancer, a built-in HD tuner, purely digital HDMI input, and digital cable-ready CableCARD-compatible technology.
▪ Samsung | www.samsung.com


Elan's VIA Valet6.4 color LCD touchpanel offers intuitive control for all compatible installed AV, lighting, temperature, and security devices. The 6.4in. touchpanel also doubles as a video monitor to let users view satellite and cable TV and monitor security cameras. For added convenience, the new model swivels 180 degrees up and down and 270 degrees right to left and folds flat against its base when not in use.
▪ Elan Home Systems www.elanhomesystems.com


Meridian's SW1600 features a single 12in. driver, and the SW5500 features dual 12in. drivers. Each provides digital and active analog inputs for connection to a Meridian digital surround controller or a digital source with a digital coax output, or to an analog preamp or surround controller with either phono or balanced XLR outputs. The subwoofers employ 96kHz/24bit D/A conversion. In both models, the enclosure is sealed for maximum flexibility of positioning. Class G high-efficiency, ultra-low-output impedance amplifiers drive the subwoofers. The SW1600 and SW5500 can be used to complement Meridian DSP loudspeakers in both stereo and surround systems.
▪ Meridian Audio www.meridian-audio.com


The Screem Works' Premier, Classic, and ST PermScreen models offer wall-mounted styles suitable for casual media rooms, sophisticated cinema-style home theaters, or office meeting spaces. Each model is offered in seven standard sizes and available in video and HDTV formats. The Premier cinema-style projection screen features a 3"×1-3/8" black powder-coated frame and a beveled edge to add dimension without imposing shadows on the viewing area. The Classic mounts onto a wall to integrate with versatile room décor. The ST model features a 1in., single-tube aluminum frame for use in casual home or office settings. Mounting hardware is included with all frames.
▪ The Screen Works www.thescreenworks.com


Premier's new line of universal home theater speaker mounts fit speakers weighing up to 10lbs. each. The speaker mounts are available in packs of two or five, in a black or white finish. Features of the new speaker mounts include optional wall or ceiling mounting; four-axis, tilt, and rotational adjustments; 2.5in. extensions; and installation hardware.
▪ Premier Mounts | www.mounts.com


Panama's MAX EX power conditioner family provides pure power to home theater systems using EMI/RFI noise filtration. The M5500-EX, M5300-EX, M5100-EX, M4300-EX, and M5400-EX models offer installers greater flexibility and improved picture quality. The units feature silver highlights on a black chassis complemented by blue status lights. Also available is an optional all-silver front bezel to blend with other silver AV components. All models include high-current outlets specially designed to provide clean power to amplifiers and subwoofers, which require additional power to achieve top performance.
▪ Panama | www.panamax.com


SIM2's HTL40 LINK and HTL40 displays deliver picture-speed plasma with an 8ms response time and the rich colors and accuracy of LCD. SIM2's DigiOptic Image Processor (DOIP) can be placed on the source rack and connected to the monitor with a single fiber-optic cable. The displays feature WXGA resolution (1366×768), which fits a native 16:9 aspect ratio, and an enhanced 1000:1 contrast ratio. They deliver rich, saturated colors; superb grayscale tracking; and a brightness of 600cd/m2 for a sharp, vivid picture even in direct sunlight. The displays also include digital connections to HDMI and DVI.
▪ SIM2 Multimedia | www.sim2usa.com


Furman's New Power Factor Correction technology, already implemented in several of Furman Sound's power conditioners, stores a minimum of 3 amps of continuous current reserve and more than 45 amps of instantaneous reserve for peak current demands to connected audio/video equipment, including power amplifiers, studio monitors, and powered subwoofers. Without the current reserve, amplifiers often lack dynamics, harmonics, and clarity because their power supplies can't deliver when pushed by extreme sounds. The new technology actually lowers the AC line impedance supplied by typical wall outlets.
▪ Furman Sound www.furmansound.com




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