What's New: Security Technology

Matrix Network Intelligent Media Technologies (IMT) The SmartBuss scalable matrix network routes any input to any output and mixes
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What's New: Security Technology

May 1, 2005 12:00 PM

Matrix Network

Intelligent Media Technologies (IMT)

The SmartBuss scalable matrix network routes any input to any output and mixes multiple media configurations onto a common buss. Each network node uses a SmartBuss core IP processor to manage 64 channels of 48kHz audio through eight I2S lines. Latency is fixed at 21µs each for input and output plus 760ns per node throughput. Network connection is over Cat-5 cable in a daisy-chain configuration at 100Mbps, handling 80 audio or equivalent DVD channels.

Compressed Video Test System


The MTS400 series of compressed video test systems feature CaptureVu for automatic monitoring, analysis, and debugging of live and deferred-time video transport streams. They support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and VC-1. Users can monitor and analyze realtime video over IP for broadband video and video-on-demand applications. A new program-centric GUI allows users to quickly isolate and investigate protocol faults. The systems also feature physical layer interfaces including ASI at up to 214Mbps, SMPTE 310M, LVDS, and Ethernet.

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Graphics Recorder


The Telepresenter G2 is a high-resolution graphics recorder and webcaster using MPEG-4. The device captures, archives, and transmits audio and 1024×768 images from laptops or RGBHV/DVI sources, or video at up to 24fps. Live streams are sent over IP networks to remote classrooms and desktops. The archived files can be played locally or streamed from a server.

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Autopatch CatPro transmitters and receivers send RGBHV video at resolutions up to 1600×1200 and stereo audio up to 1,000ft. on the same cable. The pair is compatible with all UTP and STP category cable. The receiver features active digital skew adjustment up to 62ns, in 2ns increments, as well as gain and peak adjustment via potentiometers and user-controlled stereo digital volume adjustment from mute to +6dBr. The transmitter features loopthrough outputs for local video and audio that can also be connected to another transmitter for another channel of long-distance distribution.
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The LV7700 and LV7720 rasterizers display waveform, vector, picture, audio, status, data analysis, and error-reporting screens in several combinations. The rasterizers are compatible with 17 SD and HD standards. The LV7700 features two auto-sensing SD/HD inputs, while the LV7720 features only SD inputs. The devices output test results and test screens via a DVI-I connector to VGA/XGA monitors. The rasterizers can be controlled via the front panel or remotely via Ethernet. The units are DC powered for ease of use in the field and include an AC adapter.




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