What's New: Security Technology

DVR/Server Infinova V3010 series DVR/servers are available with 4, 8, 12, and 16 channels. They provide realtime viewing at resolutions
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What's New: Security Technology

Jul 1, 2005 12:00 PM


Infinova www.infinova.net

V3010 series DVR/servers are available with 4, 8, 12, and 16 channels. They provide realtime viewing at resolutions up to 4CIF and internal storage capacity of up to 3.2TB. Efficient H.264 compression yields a low 2.5K average file size, even for high-resolution frames. Available options include video looping or one audio per video. Remote client software allows simultaneous multichannel live viewing, recording, playback, search, and network transmission. Up to 16 DVR/servers can be controlled from one location.

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Zoom Lens

Tekstar Optical www.tekstaroptical.com

The TEKC30X series, a 10-300mm, f2.8 motorized zoom, measures approximately 8"×4"×4". The lens is useful in various industrial, commercial, and military applications where high definition and long-range video surveillance is critical. The TEKC30X is available with options including motorized or auto iris, presets, and IR-coated versions for day/night cameras.

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Crest Electronics www.crestelectronics.com

The CDR-2104N 4-channelDVR features Ethernet connection, 120fps global display and recording rate (selectable up to 30fps per camera), removable HDD, CompactFlash, remote access and PC player software, and an optional audio channel. The DVR also features Co ol Drive technology for cooler and quieter operation and a proprietary HDD writing algorithm that allows for data extraction of up to 90 percent, even with bad sectors.

Transmission Systems

International Fiber Systems www.ifs.com

The VDT/VDR1505WDM line of transmission products allows PTZ camera systems using up-the-coax control systems to extend transmission distances to 31 miles, without the time delay encountered by earlier coax and optical solutions. The series transmits high-quality 10-bit digital video that delivers EIA/TIA RS250-C short-haul video performance up to the specified distance. It also comes standard as a WDM model and only uses one fiber to pass video and camera control data. It is available as a multimode or single-mode fiber unit.


Speco Technologies www.specotech.com

The VMTV-17LCD security monitor features a built-in TV tuner with IR remote control and a profile less than 3in. deep. The 17in. color active matrix TFT display offers AV-in, antenna/cable, VGA, and S-Video inputs, as well as an embedded audio system. It is compatible with IBM VGA, IBM SXGA, and Macintosh standards. Its power management system conforms to VESA DPMS standards. The VMTV-17LCD comes ready for desktop use and can be wall-mounted using optional VESA-compatible brackets.

Camera Hub

MuxLab www.muxlab.com

The Passive CCTV Hub (500130 and 500131) was developed to streamline DVR-based security video. It centralizes the management of video, remote power, and PTZ control over Cat-5 twisted-pair cable in medium and large CCTV installations. The device supports up to 16 cameras. Individual camera ports may be configured to transmit any combination of video, remote power, and control over a single Cat-5 cable.

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Automation Software

Bold Technologies www.bold-tech.com

Maverick software provides automation and alarm management capability in corporate environments such as universities, hospitals, banks, and law enforcement agencies. The software offers high-end features including maps with visual floor plans, a password-controlled operator login, multiple receiver support, and the use of the royalty-free MSDE database. Easy to set up and operate, the software simply connects to an alarm receiver to automate alarm signals and required actions. The main alarm screen shows customer details and required actions. Operators can choose to handle or cancel alarms, or put them on hold. Users can also set up key holders and actions and define events.




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