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Dallmeier Electronic's DF3000IP-DN day-night color IP camera incorporates Dallmeier's Cam_inPIX technology. The ultrawide dynamic range
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Security Technology

May 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon


Dallmeier Electronic's DF3000IP-DN day-night color IP camera incorporates Dallmeier's Cam_inPIX technology. The ultrawide dynamic range behind Cam_inPIX allows every pixel to function as a camera, producing clearer pictures and capturing more details in shaded and bright areas of video than conventional cameras. The camera's integrated Flash hard drive provides alternative storage capacities ranging from 128MB to 1GB and several hours of video, depending on the chosen compression. This integrated micro-DVR allows use of the entire system as an all-in-one solution for security applications. The camera can be controlled and configured via a built-in web server or a dedicated management system.
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Bosch's Praesideo version 3.0 emergency sound system includes an updated network controller equipped with a more powerful processor for even faster system response within large systems. It includes a 48V DC battery backup input. A multichannel interface in the updated system controls 16 audio channels/outputs, including redundant group A/B switching or class-A loop wiring for the basic amplifiers. In addition, the interface provides connections for 32 control inputs and 16 control outputs.
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Directed Perception's PTU-DGPM Geo-Pointing Module provides automated aiming of attached pan-tilt units using standard geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude) obtained via GPS. The device includes a built-in web interface for configuration and accepts commands over an Ethernet/IP application interface. The unit is calibrated using a simple landmark process. Applications can query the unit for the latitude/longitude at which the unit is currently pointing, simplifying integration with map-based and geo-aware user interfaces and control applications. Multi-sensor surveillance systems can be integrated more easily. For example, ground radar systems can send target positions directly to pan-tilt cameras equipped with a Geo-Pointing Module to immediately train cameras on detected targets.
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