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What's New: Security Technology

Digimerge Technologies' new DHT series (Triplex) network digital video recorders come in 4-, 9-, and 16-channel configurations. The series features
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What's New:
Security Technology

Jun 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey


Digimerge Technologies' new DHT series (Triplex) network digital video recorders come in 4-, 9-, and 16-channel configurations. The series features an optional 3.5in. LCD display built into the front control panel. Other features include a USB interface, MJPEG video compression, 60fps recording, two hard drives with up to 600GBs of data storage, and a handheld remote controller.
▪ Digimerge Technologies www.digimerge.com


Video Convergence's iVDO mini video encoder supports both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video streams in multiple configurations. Designed for T1/E1 and IP-based video applications, the encoder offers four individually configurable T1/E1 ports and an Ethernet network port for simultaneous video streaming. The iVDO's compact design saves space while maintaining a high level of functionality and performance.
▪ Cornet Technology | www.cornet.com


Video Convergence's iVDO Octal decoder's eight channels enable simultaneous decoding of eight MPEG-4 video streams. Integral dual-quad multiplexers let users of intelligent transportation and video surveillance systems select which of eight decoded streams to view and how to display the video — quad, full screen, or picture-in-picture format.
▪ Cornet Technology | www.cornet.com


Video Convergence's iVDO Stax video encoder card is designed to fit in the Cisco 3200 mobile router. The card is targeted for police, fire, and emergency response vehicles within a metropolitan area. The iVDO Stax encodes either NTSC or PAL signals into MPEG-4 video streams for worldwide compatibility. With integrated audio capability and low end-to-end latency — 200 ms at 5 Mbps — the iVDO Stax provides the necessary capabilities for the Cisco 3200 mobile router to facilitate “video anywhere” in a unified metropolitan mobile network.
▪ Video Convergence | www.cornet.com



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