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What’s New: Security Technology/Products

Online Security Service Toshiba America Information The service is designed to act as a reliable, Internet-based

What’s New: Security Technology/Products

Dec 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Online Security Service

Toshiba America Information Systems

The service is designed to act as a reliable, Internet-based source for viewing continuously updated images from users’ cams, eliminating the need to create a separate Web address, build a Web site, or work with HTML. is accessible on any Internet-ready desktop PC or Mac, notebook, or PDA running newer versions of Explorer or Netscape. Premium hosting packages are available for e-commerce, security, home service, reflector service, and Dynamic DNS. All of the company’s network cameras come with CameraFinder software that enables you to connect your camera to the network, run the software, and start viewing images in minutes.

Security System

PI Vision

The Universal Video Management System (UVMS) is targeted at large-scale security applications in the federal, banking, commercial, and industrial markets. The ability to mix and match technology and standards is at the core of the UVMS architecture. It offers the ability to choose between JPEG and MPEG2 image standards.

Security System

Proxim Corp. and Hutton Communications

The SolaCam combines the Tsunami MP.11, an 802.11-based point-to-multipoint solution, with featurerich IP video cameras powered by solar energy. You can leverage this reliable, easy-to-deploy solution for security and surveillance, public safety, or traffic monitoring, regardless of whether there is a traditional power source available. Wireless networking technology enables you to easily install network video products in areas where leased lines are not available or are cost prohibitive, such as on bridges, at utility plants, on large campuses, or on rough terrain.


Digimerge Technologies

The model DGR-100 single-channel digital video recorder boosts advanced digital imaging features, including wavelet compression. The DGR-100 is a replacement for aging time-lapse VCRs or for new retail/commercial installations. It has removable HDD/IDE storage, quick search capabilities, alarm input/output, fast and slow playback, RS-232/RS-485 communications, and a rackmount option.

Security Systems

Dortronics Systems

The MM-300 Mini-Mite Series magnetic locks provide as much as 300 pounds of holding force. They are for low-level security applications such as half-size doors, gates, and fences and are weatherproof for installation in extreme environments. The 5241 Series electric key switches are designed to restrict the use of electrically operated entrance control systems, alarms, electric locks, and other devices to key-carrying personnel. The units are for guard applications and for providing authorized personnel with access to facilities after hours.

Security System

Aiphone Corp.

The MK audio/video entry security system offers two new vandal-resistant fixed wide-angle or pan-tilt camera video door stations for a sleek, modern look. The black and white monitor has improved picture quality using the latest video technology and provides a clear, crisp image of a visitor. The MK audio/video entry security system is expandable to three room monitor stations, allowing for room-to-room communication, and it offers a solution for almost any security application. The fixed camera wide-angle video door station allows you to view an entire entrance area from as many as three inside-room monitor stations.

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