What's New: Video Technology

Roku's BrightSign digital sign and kiosk controller offers an economical turnkey solution for businesses to promote their messages

What's New: Video Technology

Nov 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon, Jessaca Gutierrez, and Charissa Young

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Roku's BrightSign digital sign and kiosk controller offers an economical turnkey solution for businesses to promote their messages on flatscreen and HD displays in locations including stores and tradeshows. Content can be created using off-the-shelf photo or video editing tools. Common tasks such as playing a looping video or slide show are accomplished by simply dragging and dropping files onto a Compact Flash card. In addition, Roku's BrightScript scripting language enables new interactive features for digital signs. The controller easily mounts to walls, shelves, or cabinets and connects to both standard VGA LCD monitors and high-end HD displays. Other connectivity options include component video, a USB keyboard, analog or USB speakers, a touchscreen, a custom button panel, an IR remote control, and Ethernet and serial ports.
▪ Roku | www.rokulabs.com


Boxlight's Beacon LCD projector features a brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens, a resolution of 800×600 (true SVGA) or 1280×1084 (SXGA compressed), and a contrast ratio of 500:1. The projector is HDTV compatible, with multiple inputs and automatic keystone. A built-in ambient-light feature automatically detects the lighting in a room and adjusts accordingly (brighter or dimmer) to save lamp life. The 6lb. projector includes 15-pin VGA, composite, S-Video, component, and mini-jack audio inputs and RGB, USB, and RS-232 outputs.
▪ Boxlight | www.boxlight.com


The VP-23N switcher from Kramer Electronics switches 4×1 650MHz (-3dB) composite video, 4×1 385MHz S-Video (Y/C), and 4×1 350MHz (-3dB) computer graphics video, each with balanced stereo audio. The switcher features high-bandwidth 158MHz (-3dB) Cat-5 cable, microphone input level control, and audio level (gain) controls for each output. A talk-over button microphone input signal mutes the line audio output when a microphone detects sound. The device includes front-panel, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, and IR remote control, as well as front-panel lockout. It is designed for a wide variety of presentation and multimedia applications.
▪ Kramer Electronics www.kramerus.com


Mitsubishi's XD435U-G DLP projector allows educators and business presenters to streamline presentation setup and present PC-free using the integrated USB memory port reader. Its compact 6.4lb. design also makes it a good choice for use on a multimedia cart. The native XGA projector operates at 2500 ANSI lumens with a 2000:1 contrast ratio for use in classrooms and conference rooms with ambient light, as well as in large multipurpose, training, and meeting rooms. The integrated USB memory port can be used to set up an eye-catching display in a tradeshow booth.
▪ Mitsubishi www.mitsubishi-presentations.com


Key Digital's KD-VPHD2 digital video processor, audio/video switcher, and universal distribution center is capable of scaling and de-interlacing virtually any source/input resolution and outputting to virtually any high-definition display up to 1080p. The processor upconverts 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions of analog and digital video and audio. It features individual customization for every video input of all key video parameters, including aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, hue, edge enhancement, and image position. The processor also accommodates a wide variety of digital and analog video input/output formats and connectors, including HDMI/HDCP/DVI-D, component, composite, and S-Video.
▪ Key Digital | www.keydigital.com


Gefen's EXT-DVI-441DLP video switcher allows for easy switching between four cross-platform, dual-link DVI computers using just one dual-link DVI display, USB 2.0 keyboard, and mouse. Dual-link DVI uses all 24 pins of the DVI connector to achieve video resolutions up to 3840×2400. USB 2.0 is capable of sending data significantly quicker than before. Video and control signals are switched for each computer upon selection using Discrete IR Remote and either Discrete Contact Closure (RMT-4) or Serial RS-232, providing an easy and effective method of accessing two computers from one workstation without the hassle of networking.
▪ Gefen | www.gefen.com


Epson's PowerLite 1715c portable projector offers 2700 lumens in a 3.7lb. package for use in almost any presentation setting, including a variety of ambient light conditions. With convenient wireless capabilities, it's compatible with 802.11 a/b/g-compliant devices. The projector offers USB connectivity and multiple computer inputs to offer added flexibility in the classroom or the boardroom. It also incorporates networking capabilities for easy monitoring and control. The versatile projector allows users to send movie files wirelessly and enjoy full-frame videos with corresponding audio.
▪ Epson | www.epson.com


Comprehensive's CVG-VP31 full-bandwidth, 3x1 VGA switcher is designed for computer and workstation applications. It switches one of three VGA/SVGA/XGA/XGA-2 graphics card outputs to one monitor, or vice versa, with no discernible signal degradation. Input and output are direct-coupled and conform to the highest standards. Signal bandwidth of more than 450MHz allows the CVG-VP31 to be used with the highest-quality graphics workstations, LCD panels, and projectors.
▪ Comprehensive www.comprehensiveinc.com


The Comprehensive CVG-SW164C 16×4 vertical-interval matrix switcher allows users to route any composite video and balanced stereo audio input to any or all outputs simultaneously. Because it switches during the vertical interval, transitions are glitch-free when sources share common reference sync. This popular design offers many updated features, including audio breakaway, which provides the ability to switch audio independently from video. There are three ways to control the CVG-SW164C: front-panel buttons, RS-232, and RS-485. New control software is included to allow control by a Windows-based PC.
▪ Comprehensive www.comprehensiveinc.com




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