What's New: Video Technology

What's new in video technology from such industry leaders as Daktronics, Barco, For-A, Christie, Crestron, and Jupiter Systems.
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What's New: Video Technology

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM

Modular System


The ProTour LED modular video system is slated for touring events, sporting events, conventions and expositions, as well as religious gatherings. It's available in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm pixel pitches for indoor applications and 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm pixel pitches for outdoors. The ultra-light ProTour panel weighs less than 25lbs. The light weight, along with quick-release fasteners and convenient handles, makes display setup and teardown hassle-free. The distinct architecture also allows flexible configuration to create displays of varying sizes or shapes.



The SLM R9+ Performer projector offers a compact form factor, SXGA+ resolution, and 9,000 ANSI lumen output. With its extended lamp lifetime of typically 1,250 hours, additional filters that reduce sensitivity to dust and other external contamination, and continued compatibility with existing TLD lenses, the SLM R9+ places a premium on reliability. Designed for use in demanding rental and staging environments, the SLM R9+ Performer projector uses Texas Instruments' DLP technology. The SLM R9+ features a modular structure that allows greater access to serviceable parts, an interlocking design for direct stacking and hanging, as well as an integrated, no-fuss rigging system.

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For-A Corp. of America

The Hanabi HVS-1000HS digital switcher is capable of true 3D DVE moves in both HD and SD formats. The Hanabi is HD/SD switchable with a DVE card preinstalled. Up to two optional DVE cards can be installed for increased flexibility. SD mode increases the capacity to two channels of DVE from each card, and in HD an optional DVE card provides one additional channel of DVE.



The LX66 delivers as many as 6,500 ANSI lumens with true XGA (1024×768) resolution. The LS+58 provides up to 5,800 ANSI lumens in true SXGA+ (1400×1050) resolution. Both LCD projectors feature dual 300W lamp design and a contrast ratio of 1300:1, delivering sharp and bright images. The projectors are designed for boardrooms, large conference rooms, small auditoriums, and rental/staging environments.

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Display Processor


The C2N-DVP4DI is an advanced multi-window digital video processor, touchpanel interface, and 2-Series Ethernet control system. The DVP4DI displays up to four simultaneous scalable video windows on a single high-resolution monitor, projector, or plasma display. Up to 12 video inputs and four RGB/computer inputs may be selectively routed to any of the four onscreen windows. Each video window is processed by a discrete video scaler with motion-adaptive deinterlacing. A built-in 12×4 seamless matrix switcher accepts inputs from NTSC/PAL composite, S-video, and component video sources. In addition, four DVI-I inputs support high-resolution analog RGB and DVI digital sources. The output of the DVP4DI may be fed to any RGB or DVI display device through a single DVI-I output.

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Video Processing Card

Jupiter Systems

The Octal Video card is designed to support applications in which large numbers of video information sources must be displayed concurrently in a control room, such as intelligent traffic management and the security and surveillance markets. What makes this add-in card distinct is that it carries its own video processing and scaling chip designed by Jupiter Systems. Each card provides eight high-performance video processors and, optionally, eight additional video input connectors. With multiple Octal Video cards, a display wall processor can display more than 100 video windows simultaneously and allow a user to resize or place those windows anywhere on a display wall.




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