What's New: Video Technology

Channel Blocker Blonder Tongue Laboratories www.tvchannelblocker.com The TV Channel Blocker (TVCB) blocks unwanted channels from the analog block of channels.
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What's New: Video Technology

Jan 1, 2005 12:00 PM


JVC Professional Products Company

The GY-DV5100 is a 12-bit ADC pro-DV camcorder in the professional DV line. With enhanced image quality and improved operational functions, this three-CCD camcorder is designed for electronic newsgathering and professional production. The GY-DV5100U uses a newly developed 24-bit digital signal processor that produces higher-resolution images with less visible noise than previous models. Its integral 12-bit analog-to-digital converter allows the camera to provide color details throughout its 400 percent dynamic range.

Channel Blocker

Blonder Tongue Laboratories

The TV Channel Blocker (TVCB) blocks unwanted channels from the analog block of channels. The TVCB is ideal for system contractors who serve the worship community because many churchgoing constituents are concerned with video content from cable television. Unlike traps, the TVCB provides individual channel control without adjacent channel degradation. It can block as many as 80 channels simultaneously in bandwidths within 54MHz to 600MHz.

Multicamera Editing

Leitch Technology Corp.

Live Non-Linear Multi-Camera Editing is a solution for multi-camera editing based on Leitch's VelocityQ nonlinear editing system. It combines the VelocityQ's multi-camera editing capabilities with the ability to simultaneously edit and record from multiple input sources. Multi-camera programs can be edited interactively from the live input feeds, which are also recorded separately to disk. The editor can then make further edits and refinements to the program, including moving and changing edit points between camera angles, after the initial live edit is completed.

Capture and Editing Cards

Aurora Video Systems

A new driver has been released for the IgniterX and IgniterX Lite video capture and editing cards. This series of enhancements is intended to allow more versatile postproduction with 24fps material and to optimize overall operation of IgniterX cards. The IgniterX family of video capture and editing cards for the Mac OS integrates smoothly with Final Cut Pro to provide ease of use and tightly integrated control over digitizing and playback drivers. This latest driver release offers IgniterX users greater flexibility in working with film by providing added support for Panasonic decks' Advanced Mode.


TV One

The C2-4100 is a high-performance PC-HDTV video scaler based on the company's CORIO2 technology conversion engine. It handles any resolution from 640×480 up to 2048×2048, and nonstandard resolutions, as well as all HDTV resolutions. The C2-4100 is a feature-packed RGB, PC-HDTV, HDTV-HDTV, and PC-PC scaler. Seamless switching, picture-in-picture, RGB frame synch, windowing, RGB-HDTV, genlock, logo insertion, aspect ratio conversion, chromakeying, and lumakeying are all possible with the C2-4100.


Digital Projection International

Two performance upgrades have been added to the Mercury HD three-chip DLP home entertainment projector. The first is a novel approach to chassis cooling, which results in an ultralow operating noise level of 35dB. The second is the inclusion of full high-definition content protection compliance. The new operating noise level of 35dB frees home systems integrators to install Mercury HDs in nearly any location within a home cinema or media space without concern that projector fan noise will become a distraction to the entertainment experience.

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Entertainment Server

Leviton Manufacturing Company and Dedicated Devices

The Leviton Entertainment and Applications Platform (LE&AP) is an entertainment server that bridges computers and consumer electronics in the home. It provides an easy, secure, and reliable way to access, manage, and distribute digital music, video, and photos throughout the home with either electronic devices (for example, TVs and stereos) or computers. The LE&AP creates the home's central networking point, affording the convenience of a secure, private network for storing and sharing music, video, and photos, as well as Internet access, files, printers, and other equipment throughout the home. Unlike a PC-based system, it is unaffected by PC viruses and crashes.

LCD/Plasma Mounts


The VFW140 and VFW165 LCD/plasma mounts feature a four-position tilting system, allowing consumers to enjoy optimal viewing from a variety of angles. The tilting system keeps the screen secure and safe in every position. As universal LCD/plasma mounting systems, the VFW140 and 165 are easy to mount and are compatible with the VESA mounting standard. With sleek and reliable construction, the VFW140 is capable of supporting screens ranging in size from 25in. to 39in. and weighing as much as 77lbs. The VFW165 is capable of supporting screens ranging in size from 40in. to 65in. and weighing as much as 154lbs.




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