What's New: Video Technology

The NEC SpectraView LCD2180WG LED monitor uses a combination of red, green, and blue LEDs to produce its white-light backlight source, which provides
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What's New: Video Technology

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM


The NEC SpectraView LCD2180WG LED monitor uses a combination of red, green, and blue LEDs to produce its white-light backlight source, which provides more detail and greater nuances on digital images than other fluorescent lamp-based (CCFL) LCDs or phosphor-based CRTs. Super-fine TFT technology combines with the new LED backlight system to create a wide color gamut, reaching more than 100 percent of the Adobe RGB and NTSC color scales. The new technology also widens the viewing angle by reducing color/contrast shift problems that occur due to changes in viewpoint.
▪ NEC Display Solutions www.necdisplay.com


Sony StylePro and DeluxePro LCD computer displays are available in 17in. and 19in. models and offer more than 15 feature combinations. StylePro displays include digital inputs, one-touch height adjustment, tilt and 350-degree swivel for easy viewing, and front-panel headphone jacks for convenient access to computer audio. DeluxePro displays include digital inputs, height adjustment, and stereo speakers. A switched USB hub, available in select models, lets users easily toggle between PCs. All models feature Sony's ErgoBright luminance-adjustment technology, which optimizes brightness for any lighting condition.
▪ Sony | www.sony.com/professional


Senseye digital image enhancement technology automatically improves image contrast, color, and sharpness on BenQ LCD monitors, LCD-TVs, and multimedia projectors. The technology dynamically analyzes the content being displayed and adjusts the image on the fly for the best possible picture quality. Contrast Enhancement, Color Management, and Sharpness Enhancement engines drive the technology. Five available viewing modes include two movie modes (one for dark movies and video viewing and one for films and content with brighter pictures, such as nature documentaries or sports games), a photo mode, a standard mode, and a demo mode.
▪ BenQ | www.benq.com

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Kramer's VM-4DVI 1:4 distribution amplifier reclocks one DVI input and distributes it to four identical outputs. Front-panel buttons with LEDs allow users to select the most significant display in their system and read and store that display's EDID information. The amplifier comes with a default EDID block that lets it send out a signal even if the displays have yet to be powered up or connected.
▪ Kramer Electronics www.kramerus.com


Canon's LV-7245, LV-7240, and LV-X5 LCD multimedia projectors offer XGA (1024×768) image display, with support for UXGA (1600×1200) and SXGA (1280×1024) resolution through high-quality compression. The projectors have a 400:1 contrast ratio and provide 2500, 2100, and 1500 ANSI lumens, respectively. The RE-455X visualizer works with the projectors to provide XGA-resolution image capture of everything from print documents to 3D objects. The new models are capable of projecting a 100in. image from a distance of only 9.8ft. Users can also change settings quickly and easily from an easy menu display, using top-mounted input buttons to quickly switch between laptops or video sources.
▪ Canon | www.usa.canon.com


The trend in HDTV switchers has been to connect multiple video sources to one display. Gefen's 1×4 DVI Monitor switcher works in reverse, supporting the connection of up to four displays to one high-definition video source. The HDCP-compliant switcher passes through high-definition video intact. It is designed to switch the video between several monitors for use in broadcast, postproduction, entertainment, retail, security, and educational applications. Operators use an IR remote control to select which monitor will display the video. The system performs switching with no downtime and supports resolutions up to 1080p and 1920×1200.
▪ Gefen | www.gefen.com


The Stratos VMCR-18-X video media converter (VMC) rack, available in rackmount and throw-down versions, provides up to 18 channels of BNC-to-fiber conversion in a 1RU package. It includes redundant 110VAC/220VAC power supplies and a built-in digital diagnostic monitoring interface for remote identification and monitoring of VMCs via a standard Ethernet-compliant, web-enabled port. Included on the rack's front panel are 18 75Ω, single-ended female BNC connectors and LED indicators that provide an instant read on VMC installation and function status inside each unit port; power supply and temperature status LEDs; and a channel ID strip.
▪ Stratos International www.stratoslightwave.com


Key Digital's HDMI 4×1 switcher supports HDCP copy protection and switches any of four HDMI inputs to one output. In addition, the switcher can scale 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i video inputs to the native resolution of any display at 60Hz and 50Hz. It can also interface source products with HDMI outputs to displays with HDMI or DVI inputs. A built-in, easy-to-use video processor offers a range of functions — from brightness and contrast to size, position, and zoom aspect ratio adjustments.
▪ Key Digital | www.keydigital.com


NEC's LCD3210 32in. LCD monitor delivers dynamic multimedia content to retail settings, conference rooms, and other applications unable to use larger LCDs. It provides improved visibility and color uniformity in high-ambient-light environments and features gray-to-gray overdrive for smoother, more uniform video image viewing. It also features the Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), which offers higher power efficiency, lower internal temperature sensors, and greater brightness control to lengthen product life. The suite includes a Tile Matrix feature that creates a near-seamless display for multi-unit applications, eliminating the need for additional video distribution equipment.
▪ NEC Display Solutions www.necdisplay.com


Christie's MasterSuite 4.0 display wall management software features a web-based architecture, LiveView and interactive modes, automatic input cycling, and a full-featured API. The software offers server-based application deployment with unlimited free client seats and remote monitoring and control of full-color windows displaying live wall content. It also displays multiple media input sources within a single MediaManager window, making it ideal for traffic, security, and surveillance applications. In addition, it provides integrated control of external third-party devices and a user-customizable panel of favorite wall layout scenarios.
▪ Christie www.christie.com

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JVC's compact BD-X201M DVD recorder offers up to four hours of high-resolution, realtime DVD recording and features a range of interfaces. A suite of authoring, encoding, and menu design capabilities simplifies the creation of individual patient record files and DVD archives. The recorder conforms to the EN60601-1 safety standard for medical equipment. Its Crash Recovery function restores damaged data in the event of power failure. The device records to DVD-R and DVD-RW and is compatible with the DVD-video format. The recorder offers composite, S-Video, and DV inputs and outputs.
▪ JVC | www.jvcproeurope.com




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