What's New: Video Technology

This four-window multi-graphic processor offers picture-in-picture display of high-resolution computer-video graphics and HDTV
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What's New: Video Technology

Mar 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Extron Electronics

MGP 464

This four-window multi-graphic processor offers picture-in-picture display of high-resolution computer-video graphics and HDTV or PAL/NTSC video sources. It accepts up to 19 input sources and features a true 19×4 input matrix switcher that allows any source to be displayed in any or all four available onscreen windows for use in command and control, network operations centers, videoconferencing, or other AV environments requiring high-quality multi-image displays. The processor can incorporate static or full-motion images as backgrounds. Extron's Graphic Still Store feature enables live screen captures or images uploaded from a PC to be stored for use as presentation background images.

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Spectra2|VQM (Video Quality Measurement)

This monitoring solution lets users generate realtime video streaming quality metrics such as presence, accuracy, and objective Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) that they can use to diagnose a range of video-related problems at the IP, transport, and content levels. The portable monitoring solution supports multiple-level QoS scores and industry-standard Forward Error Correction analysis. The Windows-based software monitors video streams transported over RTP and MPEG-2-TS (transport stream) protocols and supports measurement of multiple concurrent SD and HD video streams.

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The balun is capable of distributing a high-quality HDMI signal up to 150ft. over two inexpensive structured twisted-pair cables, such as Cat-5. The balun supports standard HDTV resolutions and is HDCP compliant. It contains a send unit, a receive unit, an HDMI patch cord, and a power supply. The system may be powered at either the source or the destination end.

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8×1 DVI Switcher

This HDCP-compliant switcher seamlessly connects DVD players, satellite TV set-top boxes, and HD digital computers to the single input on a HD digital display equipped with DVI connectors. It allows up to eight HD sources to be accessed and viewed on one HDTV display. Switching between sources is controlled by an IR remote control. HD digital video in resolutions up to 1920×1080 is supported. Eight DVI inputs, one DVI output, and an extender power supply are all provided, along with eight 6ft. DVI connector cables.

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4×4 HDMI Matrix

This matrix interlaces any four HDTV sources — such as HD DVD players, satellite television feeds and digital video camcorders — together with four HDTV displays. The device allows users to assign each of the sources to any one of the displays for use in multi-room venues with varied viewing requirements. The plug-and-play unit comes with four HDMI inputs/outputs, a 24V power supply, four source connector cables, an IR remote, and an optional RS-232 port for home automation control. It also supports uncompressed HD video up to 1080p and multichannel digital audio distributed in the same cable.

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