What's New: Video Technology

360 Systems' Image Server MAXX features faster FTP transfers with other servers, NLEs, and network-attached storage; embedded audio; Remote Workstation
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What's New:
Video Technology

Jun 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey


360 Systems' Image Server MAXX features faster FTP transfers with other servers, NLEs, and network-attached storage; embedded audio; Remote Workstation Interface software; and the ability to perform MPEG-2 transfers in MXF, IMX, D10, and DV formats. The server includes composite video and SDI ports, AES/EBU digital audio, balanced +4 analog audio on XLR connectors, and baseband ports to retain compatibility with legacy broadcast equipment. Additionally, an input frame synchronizer allows natural sources from tape or satellite to be recorded, and outputs genlocked content. Time stamping now generates accurate as-run logs for playlist reconciliation. An internal RAID array provides the server with up to 170 hours of storage.
▪ 360 Systems | www.360systems.com


Miranda's new XVP-811i up/down/cross converter features automatic, frame-accurate aspect ratio conversion using embedded Active Format Description (AFD) signals. The converter accepts HD or SD inputs and provides continuous and simultaneous HD and SD outputs. The interface automatically detects the input format and performs the up-, down- and cross-conversion required to maintain a consistent output format. It also offers 5.1-to-2.0 downmixing for easy monitoring of multichannel audio, along with Dolby E metadata insertion for efficient distribution of audio information. Additional key features include frame synchronization, video proc amp, and 16-channel audio processing with mux/demux.
▪ Miranda Technologies | www.miranda.com


Sony UK's VPL-EX3 projector features XGA (1024×768) resolution, six preset picture modes, and a maximum brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens. A 1500 ANSI lumen mode is also available for use in darker rooms or with highly reflective surfaces, such as some whiteboards. The projector accepts a wide range of input sources, including computer signals up to SXGA+ (1400×1050 pixels) and high-definition video signals; it also provides two computer (15-pin D-sub) connections, composite video and S-Video connections, audio and monitor outputs, and an RS-232C connection. The projector's compact size and easy setup make it suitable for mobile use, but it can also be installed on the ceiling.
▪ Sony UK | www.sonybiz.net


Mitsubishi's new XD430U and SD430U each boast 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness for use in most lighting situations, including windowed boardrooms and brightly lit classrooms. A new anti-theft ring can be used to securely attach projectors in ceiling, tabletop, or cart-mounted installations. The XD430U and SD430U feature XGA resolution (1024×786) and SVGA resolution (800×600), respectively. Both offer two PC inputs and a monitor loop-through and are RS-232C controllable for easy integration in business and education environments using third-party control systems.
▪ Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America www.mitsubishi-presentations.com


Boxlight's Broadview native WXGA-resolution projector offers widescreen capabilities in a compact 4.4lb. design to allow corporate and traveling presenters to go seamlessly from a widescreen monitor to a matching projected view without resized, blurry, cropped, or compressed images. The portable unit also provides 2600 ANSI lumens of brightness for use in a well-lit room. The projector is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and supports all major video standards including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.
▪ Boxlight | www.boxlight.com

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Analog Way's new HD-compatible OctoVue FX switcher has DVI in and out to support 720p and 1080p formats, in addition to typical analog VGA output up to 1600×1200 with Pixel Clock technology. Scaled preview helps users securely switch to the right source at the right moment, while effects and functions including animated logo subtitling, logo insertion, and multiple frame store enhance high-end presentations. The switcher's PiP function offers full position and size adjustment, image cropping, high-quality Pixel Clock, and video and computer PiP.
▪ Analog Way | www.analogway.com


Omneon's MediaGrid uses multiple intelligent, interconnected-yet-independent storage servers to provide efficient digital media access for users working with large files within broadcast and video production facilities. The system provides centralized shared storage that is scalable in capacity, bandwidth, and media processing power. It uses industry-standard components to create an easily configurable, reliable, and cost-effective system. The components communicate over standard Ethernet and generate massive aggregate bandwidth that is available to external clients of the system, eliminating bottlenecks associated with traditional shared-storage environments. Each storage component also makes computational resources available to applications for media processing functions while content resides within the storage system.
▪ Omneon | www.omneon.com

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Doremi Labs' new Nugget2U HD video player is housed in a 2RU chassis and features one removable, hot-swappable hard drive. Other features and operation are the same as the standard Nugget model, which was recently updated to include GigaBit Ethernet for faster file transfers from computers, a logo generator that superimposes a 20×20-pixel image on the video stream, and fixed latency and chase for multi-unit synchronization. Applications for the Nugget include theme parks, museums, concerts, and other stage events using the new generation of high-resolution video projectors, plasma, and LCD displays.
▪ Doremi Labs | www.doremilabs.com




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