What's New: Video Technology

Anchor Bay Technologies' 1080p-capable DVDO iScan VP20 video processor
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What's New:
Video Technology

Aug 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young


Anchor Bay Technologies' 1080p-capable DVDO iScan VP20 video processor and AV hub provides the same high-quality image enhancement technologies as previous iScan models, such as the VP30. Using VRS Precision Video Scaling II technology, the processor incorporates 10-bit scaling, enhanced sharpness controls, and nonlinear scaling. The processor also features nine video inputs: three HDMI, two Component, two S-Video, and two Composite, with separate picture controls for each input, allowing users to set their own parameters to achieve the best picture from every source.
▪ Anchor Bay Technologies


Gefen's VGA-to-DVI scaler enables image refinements through its onscreen display with adjustments for color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, RGB levels, and tint. A 5V power supply and 6ft. VGA cable support the scaler. Video de-interlacing and digital noise reduction are also included. Scaled HD resolutions up to 1280×1024 for computers and 1080i for HDTV sources are supported.
▪ Gefen | www.gefen.com


Streambox's SBT3-7500 video transport solution for mobile satellite newsgathering is built on Streambox's ACT-L3 codec and advanced proprietary video-compression technology. It matches MPEG-2 video quality at a 75 percent lower data rate and is up to 50 percent more efficient than MPEG-4. The encoder solution is integrated in one compact, portable device that features a lower power requirement than most other systems currently on the market.
▪ Streambox | www.streambox.com


Solid State Logic's new MediaWAN technology platform encompasses all aspects of digital video acquisition and storage technology. Included in the line is the MediaWAN Gravity, a scalable broadcast production system that uses proprietary software with encoders to import video from a variety of sources, including HD. An asset management database and user interface also provide for seamless information lifecycle management in the video domain.
▪ Solid State Logic www.solid-state-logic.com


Epson's PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 projector features 3LCD technology and an external HQV TX3 video-processing box. The projector's Realta HQV video engine encompasses true 10-bit video processing. Other features include full four-field, pixel-based, motion-adaptive video de-interlacing for both SD and HD signals, temporal-recursive and codec noise reduction, automatic multi-cadence detection, and pixel-based detail enhancement.
▪ Epson | www.epson.com


JVC's GY-HD110U ProHD camcorder features true 24-frame progressive recording and full HD resolution (1280×720) image capture. The new model improves on previous designs by implementing a number of additional features, including a black-and-white viewfinder display mode, selectable mirror mode on the vertically flipped LCD display, and letterbox, squeeze, and side cut image formats on composite out.
▪ JVC | pro.jvc.com


Mvix's multimedia player makes digital signage accessible for even the smallest business with its $249, easy-to-install unit. The fully programmable device offers various play options and is fully portable. A simple cable hook allows instant download capabilities from any computer, permitting play of video, audio, or digital photo with any standard TV or large-screen plasma unit.
▪ Mvix | www.mvixusa.com


VideoClarity's ClearView video analysis system, version 3, provides realtime objective measurement tools to determine picture quality. The system ingests up to 2K resolution from HD-SDI, SDI, DVI, HDMI, VGA, component, S-Video, and composite inputs and exports AVI, BMP, and RAW files.
▪ VideoClarity | www.videoclarity.com


Marantz's VP11S1, the most advanced projector in the company's DLP line, incorporates Gennum's Visual Excellence Processing chip, TruMotionHD de-interlacing and film cadence processing, and RealityExpansion 10-bit color processing. With a 1920×1080 resolution, the 1080p projector provides professional image quality rivaling that of digital cinemas.
▪ Marantz | us.marantz.com


Panasonic's new 103in. plasma display, the TH-103PF9UK, features full 1920×1080 HD resolution, a contrast ratio of 4000:1, and 4,096 equivalent steps of gradation. The 1080p flat panel uses 16-bit color reproduction, Super Cinema mode, and other image-enhancing technologies to reproduce crisp, film-like motion and still images. The TY-FB9DD DVI board (compatible with UXGA input) comes standard with the display.
▪ Panasonic www.panasonic.com/proplasma


Peerless Industries' PE1120 projector enclosure provides maximum security in public spaces. The solid steel PE1120 is designed to be easily retrofitted to any mount, protecting the projector from theft and physical damage. Its floating steel bar design allows the bars to rotate in place, which prevents removal of the projector without the proper tools.
▪ Peerless Industries


Vista Systems' 11-channel Spyder 365 and 374 video processors follow on the heels of the debut of SpyderPoint. The small and flexible Spyders offer flexibility for mixing sources in multiple windows, greater clarity of signal processing, and seamless widescreen displays plus realtime compositing for high-resolution applications in a modular, scaleable package. Spyder 365 has six inputs and five outputs; Spyder 374 has seven inputs and four outputs.
▪ Vista Systems | www.vistasystems.net


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, Barco's OLite 612 LED display has a pixel pitch of 12mm and a light output of 6000 nits. The use of SMD technology in the display enables wide viewing angles and uniformity (15-bit processing) at very short viewing distances. The OLite 612 is designed for creative applications as well as the classic Image Magnification (IMAG) applications. Each tile can be easily split up into 48 small, square individual modules, enabling creative display designs of any size and shape.
▪ Barco | www.barco.com




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