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What’s New: Video Technology/Products

Sound & Video Contractor rounds up new video products.

What’s New: Video Technology/Products

Dec 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Document Cameras

ClearOne Communications

Each new DocCam Pro model is designed for use with ClearOne, Polycom, or Tandberg videoconferencing products, enabling you to operate the document camera and the videoconferencing system with a single remote control. The DocCam Pro cameras allow active sharing of high-resolution documents and images during a videoconference or presentation for more collaborative meetings. The cameras feature automatic focus, iris, shutter, and white balance for easy, handsfree use. Flexible LED top lighting provides illumination for documents, and integrated stereo microphones deliver high-quality voice audio from the presenter.


Planar Systems

The PT line of flat-panel, touch-screen monitors provides high-quality images, enhanced durability, and advanced ease-of-use features. The 15-, 17-, and 19-inch PT models are designed to suit a range of uses in interactive information kiosks and point-of-sale terminals, economically providing customers with high-performance solutions. The line of monitors includes models with capacitive or resistive touch-screen technology, providing a solution to suit a range of demanding applications. Models in all three sizes also feature USB touch-screen drivers, ensuring compatibility with the industry’s latest computer hardware.

Matrix Cards


The MT105-112 is a high-resolution video 16-by-16 matrix switcher card that supports composite NTSC/PAL/SECAM video, S-video, HDTV, and computer video. The MT105-112 can perform vertical interval switching and features ground loop isolation on all inputs. The MT105-119 is a 16-by-16 sync matrix switcher card that is used for routing separate horizontal and vertical sync signals. Multiple cards are grouped together to form S-video, YPbPr, RGsB, RGBS, and RGBHV matrix switchers.


BenQ America Corp.

With a high 2,000:1 contrast ratio at 2,500 ANSI lumens, the PB7220 digital projector can support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. At 5.6 pounds, the PB7220 provides the dexterity to be used as a portable projector for business travelers or mounted in conference and meeting room settings. It has the flexibility of delivering resolutions from 640 by 350 to 1,280 by 1,024 and the ability to throw images of 300 inches. With the proprietary Dynamic Color Management System, a 16.7 million color palette, and a four-segment color wheel, it ensures accurate color reproduction.


Pesa Switching Systems

The UCI2000 universal control interface is a flexible series of routing switcher protocol changeover units that provides a compact interface between Pesa products and other router manufactures. The 1 RU single UCI2000 uses protocols that are compatible with manufacturers such as Sony, Di-Tech, and Thomson Grass Valley. Other models are planned for introduction in 2004. When implemented with the Thomson Grass Valley Encore system, the UCI2000 plugs in to one of the general-purpose serial ports used by the Encore to control or be controlled by external devices.



The QuickCapture is a portable IEEE-1394 digital video — to — disk recorder. Compact and lightweight, the QuickCapture can be worn on a belt with the included belt bag and battery or purchased with Anton-Bauer goldmounts and attached directly to a camera. It is available in 40 GB, 60 GB, and 80 GB models, providing as much as six hours of total recording time for NTSC or PAL material. The QuickCapture supports SBP-2 and AV/C protocols, allowing it to be connected directly to digital video cameras as well as to computers and standalone editing systems. The QuickCapture can be operated as a VTR or as a directly connected disk drive containing edit-ready, renderfree AVI Type-2 material.

Serial Control Board

Da-Lite Screen Company

The SCB-100 allows for control over the screen using RS-232C communication and relay closures. Designed for the simplest to most sophisticated system installations, a single serial control board provides control over any single motor screen, masking screen, or projector lift. Because the ISC series contains dual RS-232 ports, simultaneous communication with a NET-100 Ethernet-serial adapter and an AMX/Crestron control system is possible. The SCB-100 is available as a factory-installed option inside the Contour, Advantage, Advantage Deluxe, and Director Electric screen series or as an external closure for use with existing screen and projector lift models (to retrofit existing screen installations and make them RS-232 and network controllable).


Epson America

The PowerLite Home 10 projects high-resolution video at 480p native resolution (854 by 480) and in a 16:9 wide aspect ratio used in nearly all of today’s major motion pictures. You also have the ability to switch between three aspect modes — Normal, Squeeze, and Zoom — for viewing 4:3, 16:9, and letterbox material. The projector is also HDTV-ready and supports other popular digital video signals such as 480i, 720p, and 1,080i. The PowerLite Home 10 uses a specialized video processor to clarify and sharpen video content in addition to a built-in cinema filter that enhances the colors and tones found in dark scenes.


Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems Company

The 14-inch BT-LS1400, 4:3 aspect ratio LCD monitor is about one-third the weight and has twice the expected life span of a standard CRT display, meeting a range of professional video monitoring needs with the advantages of an LCD monitor: compact size, light weight, and a thin, space-saving profile. The BT-LS1400 offers consistent color performance under varying ambient lighting conditions, no performance degradation by magnetic fields generated by speakers or other monitors, no burn-in, and less electricity consumption, which means that significantly less air conditioning is required when multiple monitors are in use. The BT-LS1400 is suited for use in desktop video editing and in mobile production vehicles. Offering a high brightness of 450 cd/m2, a high contrast of 400:1, and a wide viewing angel of 160 degrees horizontally and vertically, the BT-LS1400 is also equipped with a complete set of production-oriented display controls (over/underscan, blue channel only, and more).

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