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Digital Projection International, known for its key role in applying Texas Instrument's DLP technology to high-quality imaging, has been purchased by
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Who's News

Feb 1, 2002 12:00 PM, Daniel Ari

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Digital Projection International, known for its key role in applyingTexas Instrument's DLP technology to high-quality imaging, has beenpurchased by its management team. “We are delighted,” saidmanaging director Brian Critchley. “This allows us to focusresources [on] products and services that our customersvalue…namely market-leading innovation, image quality,application expertise and customer service.”

DPI Inc. president Mike Levi says that as an independent company,DPI has the opportunity to grow its product offerings as well as itsservice, “placing more focus on the markets that launched DPI:large-venue projectors for staging, corporate use, auditoriums, processcontrol — any application that demands dynamicimagery.”

Levi was clear that DPI's relationship with IMAX remains strong, andthat DPI can also now expand its channels: “We want to help ourdealers provide solutions for a broader range of applications, and tomake sure that each of our products carries something unique thatbrings value.”

What is this value? Says Levi, “Extreme performance. Tell usyour worst nightmare as far as application challenges, and we do whatwe can to solve it.”

Levi doesn't exaggerate the effect the MBO will have on theprojection industry, but he does demonstrate optimism about DPI's rolein the future. “[We] innovate products and grow applicationopportunities to put better, more flexible and more powerful tools inthe hands of the…dealers and end users. Any manufacturer whotakes that kind of approach is ultimately changing the industry. Ibelieve DPI is in that category. We are committed to innovation andtaking on applications others may shy away from. We will be in thatgroup of manufacturers that carries the industry to the nextparadigm.”




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