Electro-Voice Celebrates 75 Years From Knute Rockne to the Eliminator Founded in 1927 by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs in South Bend, Indiana, Electro-Voice
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May 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Electro-Voice Celebrates 75 Years

From Knute Rockne to theEliminator

Founded in 1927 by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs in South Bend, Indiana,Electro-Voice has grown up to be a widely known and well-regardedpro-audio company. Its name came from Knute Rockne, the Notre Damefootball coach who called his P.A. system his “electricvoice.”

EV was first recognized for the invention of the humbucking coil in1934 and the noise-canceling microphone in 1942. The company was alsoamong the first to use Alnico magnets, improving frequency response andnoise handling. The development of Acoustalloy, a synthetic plastic,made dynamic microphones practical for studio use. Electro-Voicereceived a special citation at the end of WWII for the development ofthe T-45 lip microphone, won an Academy Award in 1963 for its advancesin the world of film sound, and contributed to the sound of jazz, bluesand rock. Photos of Elvis Presley show him performing with the classicRE10 mic. More recently, EV was the first to bring Neodymium-baseddynamic microphones to market in the form of its N/DYM line.

Electro-Voice also grew a strong reputation for its loudspeakers,from the 30-inch woofer (30W) introduced in 1959 to the MT-4 highoutput concert system in the '80s. The 1990s saw the development ofRing Mode Decoupling and the X-Array and Eliminator speakers. Since2000, Electro-Voice has introduced the X-Line Linear Array concertspeakers and developed ClearScan, an auto-scan function for wirelessmics.

Last year EV opened a new R&D facility designed by Bob Coffeen,professor of acoustics and engineering. The facility demonstrates EV'sattention to the future as it pauses momentarily to remember itspast.




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