I KNOW THAT SUBSCRIPTION FORMS SOUND LIKE A BORING SUBJECT, but they really are important. We have thousands of readers who have been with us since the
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May 1, 2001 12:00 PM, Nathaniel Hecht, editor

I KNOW THAT SUBSCRIPTION FORMS SOUND LIKE A BORING SUBJECT, butthey really are important. We have thousands of readers who havebeen with us since the very first issue back in 1983, and over 90%of our subscribers have requested the magazine in writing withinthe current year. Of these, the majority were renewals. To keepyour magazine coming like clockwork, we need your written renewal.So when S&VC comes with an outer wrapper asking you torenew, fill out the card and return it to us. If you are readingthis because one of your coworkers or friends is a subscriber,please find the subscription card in the back of this magazine andfill it out for your own free subscription.

Please read all directions when filling in the blanks. The folksin our Circulation Department have great skills, but they cannotinterpret illegible writing. If they have to guess and they guesswrong, then your magazine comes back to us as undeliverable andyour subscription is cancelled. A good trick is to staple abusiness card to the form. Also, if your magazine arrives with anyerrors in the address, please send us a note with a correction.After a while, the post office might not deliver it if the addressis not correct.

Sign and date the card, and make sure you check only one wherethe card says, “check one.” We give preference tosubscription applications from contractors and consultants becausethese are the readers who benefit the most from S&VC,but anyone affiliated with the audio and video contracting industryis likely to qualify for a subscription.

There is no other source of information available that gives youso much for such little effort. There is a subscription form inevery issue, and you can use our Web site to subscribe or renewonline. If all else fails, or if you have a question or a problemwith your subscription, please call our customer service departmentat 800/441-0294; or write to our circulation department at P.O. Box12958, Overland Park, KS 66282-2958, USA.

Switching gears a bit, I'd like to tell you about an excitingnew service we are starting this month at S&VC. Ournew “Demo Room” section of the Web site at www.svconline.com features streamingaudio and video highlighting new and innovative products. Toidentify the products in print, we will use the symbol at left inthe Spotlight section and on the demo room page. The concept issimple: Manufacturers with something new to show will provide shortvideo clips demonstrating their products or services. These demosallow you to see the new product or service up close, as though youwere viewing it at a trade-show demonstration. We are excited tooffer this unique service to our readers and are proud to say thatwe are the only magazine in our industry doing it. We invite you totake a look at our site and let us know what you think.




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