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Fingerprint Audio BM-A1-64DANTE

This AoIP confidence monitor can be configured to monitor up to 64 channels and with Dante Receiver Channel names being automatically displayed, configuration and operation is fast and completely...


Evertz MMA10G-HUB

The MMA-10G-HUB is the latest product addition to Evertz’ MMA-10G Network based AV distribution series. The MMA10G-HUB is an in room audio and video switcher that leverages Evertz’ SDVN...


SoundTube – IPD-RS82-EZ

The IPD-RS82-EZ is a 6.5″ open-ceiling, Dante-addressable coaxial pendant speaker designed for consistently smooth high frequency. Configuration and zoning of the speaker are accomplished via software.



The AMK DS84-C loudspeaker assembly is powered by a POE+ network amplifier with Dante input. No external power supply is required. The speaker includes a Class D amplifier, which...


MIPRO – ACT- 828

MIPRO introduces an 8th year commemorative digital model, the ACT- 828, an EIA standard 1U dual channel receiver with headphone connector added for monitoring.


rdl – SF-NP40D

The SF-NP40D is an audio power amplifier that converts two Dante network audio channels to two 4 Ohm or 8 Ohms amplified outputs.


Attero Tech – unHX2D

The unHX2D is a Dante-enabled HDMI audio embedder/de-embedder. Highly flexible audio routing supports PCM HDMI audio, S/PDIF audio, and balanced analog audio.


Visionary Solutions PacketAV Duet

This provides a single platform to support Dante and video over IP, integrating 4K UHD video over IP into the Dante-enabled audio network and bypassing the constraints of a...


Audio-Technica ATND

The ATND931 Dante six-inch gooseneck microphone and ATND933 Dante hanging microphone are both available in a number of configurations, including black and white color options and a selection of...


Ferrofish – A32 Dante

The A32 Dante Version has an additional interface with 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs, which can be easily integrated into existing Dante networks.


Allen & Heath – SQ-5

Powered by Allen & Heath’s XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine, SQ-5 is built for professionals in the most demanding live sound applications. Delivering class-leading high resolution audio with an ultra-low...

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