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Powersoft Armonia Pro Audio Suite

Powersoft’s latest software release for its Armonía Pro Audio Suite brings enhancements for fixed installation customers looking to remote manage and monitor a network audio system. Armonía v2.8 adds a further set of features including Operator View, which brings the ability to customize a new window tab depending on needs. The user can choose from a range of pre-configured objects. Each object can be imported into the window as many times as necessary, and then be resized and organized depending on project design, and whether the final application is an installation or a touring situation. Notes and background pictures can be imported to help user navigation within a complex workspace. The objects can be easily linked to any Advanced Group already present in the main workspace tab in order to expedite the customization process of the layout. In addition to the Operator View, the Access Manager now includes further access levels such as Admin, Engineer, Operator, or Guest. Different access to a session will allow that user to interact/modify only predetermined functionalities within Armonía.

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