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Webcast on Demand: AV Matrix Routing and DSP for Networked System Design

Matrix routing for digital AV networks

Tue, Sep 22, 2015 1:00 PM EDT:


How do network technologies affect AV system design considerations and AV signal flow? For many years affordable DSP drove the concept of DSP everywhere. Now as network bandwidth becomes more affordable, the landscape changes again, and fairly dramatically.

In this course, we’ll revisit the concept of centralized versus distributed design in light of today’s networks, enterprise network switchers, and the cloud.

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Dave Theis, Director PMO, CompView

Dave has 25 years of experience in designing large scale AV system design and deployment in entertainment and corporate environments, He has a long history of providing clarity and understanding around industry technology through more than 10 years of InfoComm seminar presentation, developing and presenting educational academy content for manufacturers, online webinars on AVB and networking and individual mentoring.


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