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LG’s 2023 OLED TVs to support DTS audio codecs

External sound devices are recommended to take advantage of the newly supported codecs

LG has confirmed that its 2023 TVs will be compatible with DTS audio codecs in addition to the already-supported Dolby Atmos.

DTS:X developer Xperi announced in a press release that LG’s most recent OLED and premium LCD TVs would be DTS compatible. LG went on to corroborate Xperi’s announcement by telling FlatPanelsHD that all of the company’s 2023 OLED TVs  will support DTS and DTS:X codecs, with one caveat: the TV’s native speakers won’t be able to play back DTS:X audio, and that audio will need to be sent to a separate sound system. This means that an external soundbar or surround sound system is recommended to take full advantage of these newly supported codecs.

This news of additional sound options will certainly appeal to home theater enthusiasts, as well as shake up the landscape of what audio codecs are preferred among consumers.

The following is LG Korea’s full statement to FlatPanelsHD: “2023 LG TVs from the QNED85 and up plus all OLED TVs will decode the DTS, DTS:X and Imax Enhanced Audio CODECs for the purposes of sending them to an external Audio device that also support these CODECs. LG is not promising that the TV speakers will play back the audio.”

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