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Air by Quirky pulls apart into five speakers

Air by Quirky can be a single cylinder speaker with a 24 watt mono output. Or, the five magnetically connected units that make up the speaker–one AirBase and four AirConnect speakers–can also operate separately for surround-sound placement or multi-room streaming entertainment.

It means they can arrange in surround sound formation when watching a movie, or position in a different room for whole house listening.

“We wanted to create a speaker that helped music be truly shared,” said Air by Quirky’s Marc Liniado ina press release. “Not a single speaker, limited to a single room.”

The Bluetooth speaker claims up to 75 ft (22.86 m) of wireless range. The speaker(s) can be placed indoors or outdoors, are battery-powered.

The Air by Quirky speaker is up for pre-order for US$249, with shipping due to start in time for the holidays.

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