WATCH: Amazon bans customers with too many returns

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Well this kind of defeats the purpose of Amazon at least in my house. We buy a a lot of DIY bits--often multiple different valves, pieces of pipe, screws, LED lights, mounts, extenders, wall plates etc. etc. because it's not always obvious what is going to work for the project or fit in the space/hole. Use the things that work, return the rest. That's the workflow. -Cynthia Wisehart


WATCH: AV in Space

A curious robot is heading to the ISS aboard the next SpaceX resupply mission. It's shaped like a ball with a flattened surface where its face is drawn on a screen -- plus, it can speak, respond to spoken commands and fly. The machine called CIMON, which is short for Crew more


WATCH: Alexa gone rogue

Even though this is a freak occurrence, it does affect people’s perception of and comfort with smart devices. Your customers will need you to be conversant in security. One way to be more secure-aware is to use these devices at home.     To find hear (and delete) every more