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Watch the new documentary exploring the fate of the Apple Lisa

The Verge's new documentary delves into reports of thousands of buried unsold Lisas, and unearths the history behind the device.

The Lisa computer is remembered as a black sheep in Apple’s history, a device doomed by being too ahead of its time. It’s history is further romanticized by stories of thousands of unsold Lisas being buried by Apple in Logan, Utah landfill.  These are just a few of the reasons that the Lisa has reached a special cult status among vintage computer enthusiasts.

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Last December, a team of video producers from The Verge trekked out to Utah to see if the tales were true, and dig a little deeper into the history of the Lisa. Along the way, the computer’s history was fleshed out even more by interviewing former computer salesman Bob Cook, who took a particular interest in the Lisa and other vintage computers, inadvertently creating a new sector in the computer reselling industry in the process. Watch “Lisa: Steve Jobs’ sabotage and Apple’s secret burial” by The Verge above.

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