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Report says Apple will transition to OLED in upcoming iPads, laptops, monitors

Apple to reportedly phase out microLED and LCD by 2027

It looks like Apple may be making the big shift towards OLED in the next few years, with a report from Omdia, a technology research firm, saying that almost all external displays, iPads, and MacBooks will use the display type by 2027.

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The report, per OLED-info, sees Apple’s shipments of OLED displays increasing to 70 million units in 2027 from around 9.7 million units in 2022. According to Omdia, Apple will begin utilizing OLED displays in its iPad Pro line next year, followed by its laptop lines and even external monitors by 2026. This lines up with predictions made by industry experts that Apple would release an OLED iPad Pro line in 2024. Reportedly, by 2027, Apple will have almost entirely phased out its microLED and LCD displays.

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