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AV in Cars: Speakerless Sound

In the future, will you need speakers to hear sound? Continental, and the audio experts at Sennheiser, have developed a new sound system that can emit sound from various surfaces inside the car utilizing Sennheiser’s Ambeo immersive audio technology.

The new system combines Seinnheiser’s Ambeo technology with the speakerless Continental Ac2ated system. The Ac2uated Sound system uses actuators vibrate interior components like the dashboard, A-pillars, door panels and even the car’s headliner rather than speaker membrane. The effect is designed to be an immense surround-sound experience, and Continental says that without conventional speakers onboard, this helps reduce a vehicle’s overall weight.



At CES, the demo took place inside an unassuming-looking Mercedes A200. As my colleagues at What Hi-Fi? report, there’s no need for any special 3D audio source material. The system can take a stereo signal and use an algorithm to change the presentation to suit.

CEO of Sennheiser, Dr Andreas Sennheiser, said: “By integrating AMBEO Mobility with Continental’s Ac2ated Sound system, the in-car sound experience becomes completely immersive and natural, opening new audio perspectives and realities.”

According to Dr Sennheiser, the sound system is ready but won’t be available for another two years. So, this is just a concept–but what a concept.

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