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AVoIP Case Study: US Elections

World’s top broadcasters leverage Vizrt software tools and graphics—enabled by Matrox SDI input/output video cards and ST 2110 network adapters—to deliver engaging, cutting-edge election coverage

The estimated four billion viewers of the the US presidential election coverage, probably did not realize that what was going on under the hood. The  integration of Matrox broadcast developer products with Vizrt software tools and graphics enabled hundreds of news stations—representing about 90 percent of the world’s foremost broadcasters—to present cutting-edge, interactive newsroom graphics to an estimated four billion viewers of U.S. presidential election coverage.

Leveraging Matrox SMPTE ST 2110 network interface controller (NIC) cards and SDI input/output video cards, Vizrt’s range of broadcast software tools and graphics enable newsrooms around the world with high-density 4K and HD workflows to deliver both captivating and real-time election updates.

Typically, a massive influx of data can seem daunting to viewers, and often be difficult to interpret. The goal for this election was to synthesize the wealth of information into an augmented reality experience that was modern and realistic, and also flexible, responsive and easy to follow.

With state-of-the-art touchscreen walls, maps, and augmented reality—all powered by the collaboration between Vizrt and Matrox—viewers around the world were informed and engaged by live election night updates and projections.

“With events like U.S. presidential election coverage, newsrooms need to update viewers with new data on a minute-by-minute basis, while making those updates engaging and comprehendible,” said Gerhard Lang, chief technology officer, Vizrt. The Matrox ST 2110 NIC and SDI I/O cards equip our technologies with the robust and reliable performance required for such events.”

“Matrox Video is proud to be working with an industry leader like Vizrt to provide dynamic newsroom graphics solutions that make these important moments in history so exciting to watch,” said Francesco Scartozzi, VP of sales and business development, Broadcast and Media Group at Matrox Video. “Matrox ST 2110 NIC and SDI I/O cards are built for optimal performance, flexibility, and scalability, and what we saw on election night is just the tip of the iceberg of what these technologies can accomplish.”


Product at Work: Matrox ST 2110 NIC and SDI I/O cards

Matrox ST 2110 NIC cards offer a comprehensive ST 2110 solution to build reliable and scalable COTS-based 10GbE and 25GbE IP solutions, while Matrox SDI I/O cards provide up to 12 reconfigurable inputs and outputs with support for SD, HD, 3G and 12G SDI for SD through 4K/UHD resolutions.

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