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WATCH: Bigscreen’s “world’s smallest VR headset” is custom-fitted for your face

Less than an inch thick at its thinnest point, the Beyond headset is available for preorder

VR platform company Bigscreen is dipping its toe into the hardware space with the Bigscreen Beyond headset, which is turning heads by being considerably smaller than competing devices.

Measuring only 24 – 49.2 mm deep, 143.1 mm long, and 52.4 mm wide, the Beyond is less than an inch thick at its thinnest point. For visuals, the Beyond sports two 1-inch micro-OLED displays that give the final image 5K resolution, with both 75 Hz and 90 Hz refresh rates as available options. Since it uses SteamVR tracking technology to keep users oriented, the Beyond headset is compatible with SteamVR base stations, and can be cabled to a PC for use. Additional compatibility is listed with other Steam products, as well as other trackers.

On the design philosophy for the Beyond headset, Bigscreen founder and CEO Darshan Shankar says:

“As passionate VR enthusiasts, we built the VR headset we wanted for ourselves. Today’s leading VR headsets have doubled in weight compared to headsets from 2016. We built Beyond because we felt VR was too heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. We invented new technologies to increase comfort, and developed ultra-high-end components like OLED microdisplays and pancake optics to increase immersion. To deliver the best software experience for watching movies in Bigscreen, we also had to build the best hardware with Bigscreen Beyond.”

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Most surprisingly, each Beyond headset is custom made to be tailored to the specific user’s head and face. Customers can self-perform a face scan using the latest iPhone cameras (Android support for this feature is not currently available) to ensure an optimal fit, as a custom face-cushion will be manufactured to eliminate light leakage and provide maximum comfort for the user.

The Bigscreen Beyond headset is currently available for preorder at $999. Purchase includes the headset, a 16 foot cable, and a Link box that allows a PC connection, provided the PC meets the minimum spec requirement. Shipping to the US will begin in Q3 2023.


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