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CES: LG rollable TV has finally arrived and will likely be $60K

Remember last year, when LG made some big waves at CES with the rollable TV? It was expected to launch mid-2019. It didn’t, and it didn’t arrive by the end of the year either.

Now it’s back at CES and will reportedly be available later this year with a new twist–it can unfurl from the ceiling. LG’s engineering team explains this is because of an improved rolling mechanism. So it maybe for the best that no one got to pony up for it last year.

The product also received some other new updates according to LG Senior VP of Communications, Tim Alessi. According to Alessi, the TV has been updated with the TV maker’s new Alpha A9 III chip like its newly introduced siblings – the 2020 LG OLED CX, EX, GX and WX Series – but he says that the TV is unlikely to include the ATSC 3.0 Tuner needed to one day receive 4K and HDR over-the-air broadcasts.

As for the final price and exact release date, Alessi says that’s to be determined, but CNET reports that it’s likely to be $60,000 according to a conversation they had with JS Lee, head of global marketing for LG’s home entertainment business.

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When asked, Alessi wasn’t able to narrow down the numbers, but says that LG will have more to share on that front later this year.

HereLG’s marketing video, but honestly if you lived in these houses why would you ever watch TV? NOTE: This video does not show it unfurling from the ceiling. Disappointing.



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