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CES: Royole shows a speaker with a wraparound display

A speaker with a wraparound display. No word on why. Just more action on the flexible, foldable, wraparound-able display frontier.

Today at CES, Royole, which is known for its flexible screens and making the first foldable phone, debuted a new smart speaker with a cylindrical display that wraps around the device.

Royole’s Mirage Smart Speaker has an 8-inch AMOLED “fully flexible” touch display, presumably for controlling the device. The screen also appears to also support some fun visualizers that may–or may not–be worth the $899 Royole is planning to charge when the Mirage ships in Q2, according to their press release.

How good will the speaker be? It depends on what the three “full-range drivers” and “passive bass radiator” are in real life. The release says the speaker is equipped with Amazon Alexa and two far-field mics. It also has a 5MP camera, but it’s not clear why. The company indicates a “physical mute switch” that presumably allows you to cover the camera. For sure.

From a Pro AV standpoint it’s just another example of the display future, which will be less flat and less rectangular as time goes on.

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