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Meet the Orb X

Cooler Master's new workstation looks like something out of a video game

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing your office setup had more RGB lighting, or that your gaming station felt more like a cockpit, then Cooler Master has something for you. The company has announced the Orb X, a gargantuan device that the Cooler Master is pitching as great for productivity as well as leisure. No matter what you are doing in the Orb X, you’re sure to attract attention.

Featuring a motorized monitor area that raises to let you in and then descends with a push of a button, the Orb X is designed to give a sense of immersion and privacy. Its fully adjustable leather chair does look comfortable, and perks such as a large desk area, fabric mouse and keyboard area, and built-in wireless charger are appealing. For sound and video, the Orb X supports up to 3 27″ monitors and features a surround sound speaker system to create a “dynamic soundstage” and increase the sense of immersion.

Most obvious is the RGB lighting, which, to be frank, is just meant to look cool. It obviously lends its self to looking more like a futuristic gaming device, but Cooler Master is marketing this beast as much for work as it is for play. No release date or price point has been announced yet, but Cooler Master told Tom’s Hardware last year that it is “likely to fall between” $12,000 and $14,000, though those numbers are not set in stone.

If you just really need your workstation to feel more like a Star Wars cockpit, maybe consider dropping an Orb X hint to a loved one this holiday season.


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