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The DJI Inspire 3 Drone Gives Professionals The Power To Film In 8K

DJI has announced their follow-up to 2016’s 4K Inspire 2 drone: the Inspire 3, which is capable of filming in 8K with a full-frame sensor.

The Inspire 3 features the same Zenmuse X9-8K Air Gimbal Camera as the Inspire 2, and can capture 4K footage at up to 120fps. The drone pilot will be utilizing an “all-new 161° FOV ultra wide-angle FPV lens with a 1/1.8-inch night-vision sensor,” which feeds a 1080p signal at 60fps to the pilot’s FPV goggles or the included DJI RC Plus remote’s 7 inch screen.

The Inspire 3 has a maximum speed of 58mph and can be manually controlled or flown on a pre-set path. It controlled manually, it can be flown with either a single pilot with a range of 15km, or in a dual-pilot setup (one flying the drone and one controlling the gimbal) with a range of 12km.

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For storage, the Inspire 3 utilizes a 1TB DJI PROSSD that slots into the back of the drone, and can be connected to a PC via USB-C.

All together, professionals can acquire the Inspire 3, the DCI RC Plus remote, a 1TB SSD, a carrying case, and six rechargeable batteries, for $16,499.

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