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Google announces they will begin deleting inactive accounts

Users have until December to remember their old login information



In 2020 Google announced a new policy declaring that Google accounts that had been inactive for 2 years may have all their stored data wiped. Now, a new update from the company is warning that those inactive accounts may be deleted entirely.

Google says that activity is measured by doing something like watching a YouTube video, reading or sending an email, or updating a Drive. Since the “delete inactive accounts” policy won’t go live until December, users have time to salvage old accounts.

In the update, Google VP of Product Management Ruth Kricheli says that inactive accounts will be sent “multiple notifications over the months leading up to deletion,” and the company will be using a “phased approach” that will begin with accounts that were set up and never touched. Though it is important to note that, according to 9to5Google, inactive accounts that get deleted will not be made available again.

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