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Google Glass disappears yet again

Google Glass gets the axe after being resurrected as an enterprise-focused device

Over a decade since its inception, Google Glass is officially shutting down. Originally a consumer-focused product, Google Glass was rebooted a few years after its debut, this time as a device aimed at enterprise uses. With updated hardware that could withstand more wear and tear, the AR glasses were then focused on being more task-oriented, positioned to hopefully help workers across industries be more productive and efficient. The most recent model, Google Glass Enterprise 2 Edition, launched in 2019 and featured a bump up in software power.

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Google Glass for enterprise is no longer available for purchase from Google as of March 15, and software updates will cease on September 15. Google says devices will technically still work after that date, but will not offer any replacements, and has no promises on how long the company’s videoconferencing app will function on Google Glass after September 15.

Looking forward, there has been much speculation about Google’s potential future AR devices, as the company teased next gen AR glasses at its recent I/O developer conference.

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