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Google expands testing for immersive video call system, Project Starline

An early access program is being made available to over 100 enterprise partners

Last year, Google announced Project Starline, their new video call technology that takes advantage of 3d modeling to give callers an elevated sense of presence. This sense of presence has been the focus of many of today’s virtual and augmented reality projects, as the uptick of hybrid and remote work has increased the demand of seamless remote communication. While current technologies such as Zoom work perfectly fine and meet the needs of most businesses, the idea is that furthering a sense of connection, presence, and immersion results in more productive communication.

Project Starline functions like a video booth, projecting a hologram-like image of the other caller by leveraging “major research advances across machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio and light field display systems.” Google claims “Project Starline can increase employee presence, attentiveness, and productivity compared to traditional video calling solutions. People have described the experience as a natural interaction — expressing how connected they felt to the other person sitting across from them.” Even early in development, reviews of the technology have been incredibly positive.

Though Project Starline has been used and tested at Google offices across the U.S., the company has now announced that they are expanding testing by making the technology available to over 100 enterprise partners in various fields. The early access program will be available to companies such as Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile, and Hackensack Meridian Health starting later this year.

“In today’s digital-first world, companies need to provide the technology and tools to help employees be more productive and effective at work,” Andy White, SVP of Business Technology at Salesforce, tells us. “At Salesforce, we’re constantly exploring new ways to deliver incredible experiences to our employees and customers around the world. Project Starline has the potential to drive deeper connections between people by bridging in-person and virtual experiences.”

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