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WATCH: Graffiti-painting drone

Will Banksy buy a graffiti-painting drone? Will you?

I want to paint big murals on huge walls and I have no talent. I can’t be alone in this. To rise up (so to speak) and meet the inevitable demand for that kind of expression there is now a consumer graffiti-painting drone available to the general public.

The origin of this splendid toy (or vandalism nightmare) is in custom art–New York graffiti artist Katsu using a modified DJI quadcopter spray-painted graffiti on high, difficult-to-reach surfaces.

Your new graffiti-painting drone–should you choose to pony up $2500–is called the Katsuru Beta, a limited-edition quadcopter designed via a collaboration between Katsu himself and Moscow-based Tsuru Robotics.


When the graffiti-painting drone isn’t in use, its four propeller arms fold in for transport to your next location. A central receptacle accommodates third-party standard-size spray paint cans (I’m partial to lavender). They are activated with an included radio remote control unit. One charge of the battery claims 10 minutes of flight time–enough to do serious work (or damage).

Initially, the Katsuru will be a semi-autonomous graffiti-paining drone, meaning you’re responsible for where it goes and sprays (which is what I want!). It will automatically maintain a set distance from walls–luckily. Plans call for a firmware upgrade late next year, which will make the drone fully autonomous. Though what is the fun in that? Better art I guess.

For your loved one who has everything (except not your under-age teen) you can pre-order a Katsuru Beta graffiti-painting drone through Jan 1 (with a case that’s hand-signed by Katsu himself). You have to be over 18 and have US$2,499 near at hand. Shipping should take place in June 2020.

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