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Hyundai looking into integrating LED displays into their vehicle grilles

Hyundai has contracted their parts subsidiary to develop the technology

Car manufacturers are looking the next big way to implement modern displays into their vehicles, and it appears that Hyundai may be looking into options to add an LED display into the grille of future models–simlar to a concept Sony debuted at CES for the AFEELA (below). The news was first brought to light via an eagle-eyed Reddit user, posturing Hyundai as contracting their parts subsidiary (Mobis) to design a full-color LED display that would be integrated into an auto grille.

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The project is for a 71 x 32 LED matrix, not an HD display, which leaves some room for speculation as to what purpose Hyundai is trying to utilize these displays for. Judging by a concept video from Mobis, they could be used in conjunction with turn signals as a way to communicate with other drivers on the road, or maybe even for custom advertising. A murky point in the discussion is how these displays would interact with different national laws and regulations regarding automobiles, as some restrictions are placed on lighting to differentiate pedestrian vehicles from emergency vehicles. In the US, it is not uncommon for states to have strict restrictions on red and blue colored lighting on the front of vehicles. As Hyundai’s delving into this technology is still in the early stages, there are many implementations to be explored further.

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