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IKEA smart blinds are now available online

It's easier to work from home when you can sleep from home.

IKEA is closed and even if they weren’t, can you imagine social distancing in IKEA? (When you consider that viruses can live up to five days on plastic, that rules out the iconic IKEA ball room too).

Even before quarantine, some of us were bummed to find that IKEA only sold the FYRTUR smart blinds as an in-person purchase. At the moment I may be thinking to myself ‘what could have been more important than going to IKEA?’ but for whatever reason, Now the company has started selling its FYRTUR smart blinds online in the US They start at $129 for a 23×76 3/4” blind and scale up to $179 if you need a 48×76 3/4” model, though check carefully — not every size is available to ship. You’ll also need the $35 TRADFRI gateway if you’re going to take advantage of Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit.

The FYRTUR is a blackout blind and runs wirelessly on battery. You can control them manually, but the power move is to control them through either IKEA’s app or your voice assistant of choice.Or program them to wake you with natural light in the morning and close in anticipation of going to bed.

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