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LG rolling out 2023 features to select 2020-2022 soundbars

Throughout this month, LG will be rolling out firmware updates that will bring 2023 features to select 2020-2022 soundbars.

As reported by flatpanelshd, the 2023 features coming to some older models include: AI Room Calibration Pro, 4K 120Hz Passthrough, MQA Support for Tidal, Triple layer Spatial Sound, Wow Orchestra, Smart Up-mixer, Clear Voice Pro, and Wow Interface.

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“LG always wants to give our customers flexibility. We wanted to give gamers the maximum options possible with their Sound Bar and were glad to expand those options to support up to 4K 120Hz YCbCr 4:2:0 at 8 Bits,” LG said in a statement to flatpanelshd. “This gives gamers the option to prioritize what they value most in gaming be it resolution, color, refresh rate, and bit rate. So for example, the gamer that values resolution now has the ability to game at 4K 60Hz RGB 4:4:4 8 bits or YCbCr 4:4:4 at 10 bits.For the gamer that values refresh rate, they now have the ability to play games at 1080P 120Hz RGB 4:4:4 10 bits. These choices are now possible on supported Sound Bars with the new firmware that we are providing updates upon.”


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