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LG’s massive wireless OLED TV to launch in North America/Europe for steep price

The 97" display's new OLED panels take advantage of "META" tech for enhanced brightness

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UPDATE: Until now, LG’s 97 inch wireless OLED TV has been a South Korean exclusive. Now, LG has announced that the TV will be coming to North America and Europe later in the year, for a steep price.

While LG hasn’t officially revealed what the price will be in the United States, multiple reports have stated that the TV will be available for about $35,600. The 97M3 OLED debuted at CES was revealed earlier in the year at CES, and was pitched as the “world’s first wireless OLED TV.”


The following was originally published Jan 13, 2023:

At CES last week in Las Vegas, LG unveiled their absolutely massive LG Signature OLED M (model M3) display. At a whopping 97 inches, the M3 is notable for being the world’s first TV with what LG is calling “Zero Connect” technology, which eliminates all external connections to the TV other than a power cable. The Zero Connect technology utilizes a separate box that can be placed up to 30 feet away from the display, which wirelessly sends 4K 120Hz video and audio to the TV to eliminate any clutter that would come with additional cabling.

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The OLED M3 also debuts LG’s third generation OLED panels, along with the company’s new META technology.

From LG: “LG Display’s newly-unveiled META Technology comprises a ‘Micro Lens Array’ that maximizes light emission from the OLED panel and ‘META Booster,’ a brightness-enhancing algorithm. Based on META Technology, the company’s latest OLED displays achieve 60 percent brighter images and 30 percent wider viewing angles than conventional OLED displays, on top of improved energy efficiency.”

This is particularly notable due to brightness being one of the main drawbacks to utilizing OLED rather than other display types such as QLED or miniLED. The new META technology eliminates this hinderance by allowing the M3 to get to 2,100-nit peak brightness.

“The successful development of our superior ‘META Technology’ evolves the image quality of OLED TVs to a new, unparalleled level,” said Hyeon-woo Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Large Display Business Unit at LG Display. “We will continue to lead the OLED TV market by expanding the ultra-premium OLED sector and strengthening our competitiveness with the best picture quality and most diverse lineups ever assembled.”



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