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LG’s transparent OLED is concept no more, featured heavily in new Korean airport display

The OLED T isn't for sale yet, but is a concept model that shows off LG's vision of the future

At the beginning of this year, LG showed off their transparent OLED T concept model  at CES to much fanfare. At the time, there were no released details about the concept model being made into a real product, but that looks like it has changed. LG has announced that it has implemented their OLED T displays into their ‘Visit Korean Heritage’ campaign at Incheon International Airport. This is no small installation, as 18 OLED T displays have been combined to form a videowall-esque display that varies in its transparency to pull off an impressive visual feat.

Additionally, 14 OLED T displays have been installed in pillars and walls of the Tourist Center, conveying helpful information with a unique visual flair.


The following was originally published on January 10, 2023: 

LG is looking to make the purpose of their displays a little clearer, in more ways than one. LG’s press conference made waves at this year’s CES, thanks in part to a prototype they have dubbed the LG OLED T. The OLED T wowed the audience by being completely transparent, with the ability to go “blank”, dropping whatever images it is displaying and allowing viewers to see through it.

While most common residential TV placements wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this neat trick, LG’s demo positioned the TV in front of a window, allowing user to take in the view outside. The transparency feature isn’t the only way LG is looking to utilize their new technology, as LG’s Frank Lee mentioned during the press conference. One implementation of LG’s goal to create displays that “complement the interior of a home,” the OLED T would be able to give users different ambient or creative experiences when they weren’t simply watching something on it like a traditional TV. “It will give you new viewing experiences such as a virtual aquarium, a soothing calm rainstorm or anything an artist… can imagine,” said Lee.

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It’s important to note that the OLED T isn’t likely to be on sale any time soon, but rather is a concept model that aims to show the direction the company is looking to take OLED technology. It’s also noteworthy that this sort of transparent tech could be leveraged for public spaces such as museums or airports, to allow displays to convey important information without being intrusive to visitors. Whatever the use cases may be, CES showed us that companies are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be imagined when it comes to display technology.

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