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Mantis RS360 dive housing for One RS 1-Inch 360 edition takes your panoramic filming underwater

Perfect for ROV filming at depths up to 850 feet

Insta360’s One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is certainly an impressive camera. Co-engineered with Leica, its two wide angle lenses and dual sensors are capable of capturing 360 degrees of 6K video with built-in image stabilization to ensure a crisp filming experience. However, sporting only an IPX3 rating, underwater filming is a no-go. That is, until the unveiling of the Mantis RS360 dive housing designed from the ground-up for the One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition.

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Designed for heavy-duty use, Mantis postures the dive housing as ideal for diving, ROV use, asset inspection, and scientific habitat monitoring. This is because the dive housing features a depth rating for as deep as 850 ft. An M6 bulkhead port allows for offboard power via USB-C connection, ideal for powering through an ROV.

For handheld usage, the dive housing utilizes a single-button design for on/off an recording for ease of use as well as power efficiency. According to Mantis, the following are the top advantages of the RS360 dive housing:

  • Utilises increased low-light capability and dynamic range of the large dual 1-inch sensors (2 stops better than Pro 2).
  • Much smaller nadir obstruction than polycarbonate housings due to clam shell design.
  • Camera does not overheat. The direct contact with metal housing provides significantly increased heat dissipation.
  • Much improved environmental protection over plastic housings due to stronger materials and hard coating.
  • Domes and o-rings can be replaced and housing is fully serviceable by the user.

The RS360 dive housing is available now for $1,680.

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