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WATCH: NVIDIA makes your eyes appear to be focused on the camera–even when they’re not

NVIDIA is asking for user feedback, as the feature is currently in beta.

NVIDIA’s streaming software now includes a feature that makes it appear your eyes are always focused on the camera, even if they start to wander. The feature, named “Eye Contact,” has been rolled out to NVIDIA’s Broadcast software, though it is currently considered in beta.

Using AI technology that estimates and aligns your gaze, NVIDIA is pitching Eye Contact as a perfect solution for those who are giving presentations, as it allows the user to read off a prompter or script while appearing to maintain eye contact with the viewer. The company claims the tech maintains the user’s natural eye color, doesn’t interfere with blinking, and will automatically shut off if the user’s gaze strays too far. If this occurs, smoothing is employed to achieve a natural effect, as opposed to a jarring jump-cut feel.

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As it is currently in beta, NVIDIA is looking for feedback on the feature. Per their announcement, “we want to work with you, the community, to help improve Eye Contact. There are millions of eye colors and lighting combinations. If you test it and find any issues, or just want to help us develop this AI effect further, please send us a quick video, we would really appreciate it!”

In addition to the Eye Contact feature, the newest update to Broadcast also includes a vignette mode, allowing users to achieve an AI-created bokeh effect in their streams and videos.

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