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PPDS/Philips demoes and launches Wave ecosystem at ISE 2023

The cloud-based ecosystem has officially launched in Europe, with releases in North America and Asia slated for later this year

At this year’s ISE, PPDS/Philips has officially launched its Wave ecosystem in Europe, with trials currently taking place in North America and Asia for a full release later this year. PPDS is touting its ecosystem as being a scalable and secure platform that supports use cases across the industry.

The cloud-based platform includes a “Lite” free subscription model for an unlimited number of displays that features basic display settings and remote management. For larger networks, the paid version called “Essential” is recommended, which includes are larger number of advanced features such as API access and power scheduling. Add-ons are anticipated to further flesh out the system and add custom application management.

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Sian Rees, Global Product Manager Solutions at PPDS, leading the development of Wave, commented: “The way businesses wish to control, manage and monitor their digital displays and devices has evolved significantly in recent years, with remote capabilities and digital display managed services now becoming a necessity. As a part of one of the largest display manufacturers in the world, we understand the importance of bringing solutions to market that can be integrated, installed and maintained to maximize the customer experience.
PPDS Wave brings benefits for both system integrators and business customers in abundance, while also increasing the opportunity for more sustainably focused business, reducing the inefficiencies and fuel consumption of costly truck rolls, as well as optimizing display performance and power usage.”

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